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10 ideas: decorate glasses


Glasses are not only suitable drinking vessels, but are perfect for decorating in any shape. DIY glass decoration is also a visual highlight not only on weddings, but also on birthdays and in everyday life as a homemade decoration in glass. We have collected the most beautiful and creative ideas for you to imitate. Let yourself be inspired!

Upcycling and misuse: Different glasses for decorating

Upcycling is the trend of the hour and you shouldn’t miss it! Bet that you already have a few treasures in your kitchen cupboards that are also wonderful for our DIY craft ideas? For example, normal drinking glasses or wine glasses can easily be used for other purposes. You can also buy beautiful storage jars and then decorate them. Old bottles, jam jars or chocolate cream jars such as Nutella are ideal for upcycling – depending on your taste, shape and decoration idea.

Our ideas for decorating glasses

Who said that glasses are only good for drinking? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Especially with these vessels, it makes sense to decorate them seasonally or to stage them for special events. We therefore give you tips and ideas on how to decorate your glasses great. Whether for a specific occasion or with our all-year-round ideas.

Decorate glasses for spring or Easter

Spring makes everything new! The Christmas decoration will disappear in the basement for the next few months and finally it can be a touch more pastel and liveliness. Flowers or bulbs should not be missing here. Tulips, snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths are wonderful harbingers of spring and therefore play the main role in many glass arrangements. As soon as Easter is just around the corner, a few decorative bunnies can hop through the glass, which you have covered with moss.

Decorate glasses in summer

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