DIY Decoration

10 ideas: glasses decorate


are not vessels suitable only for drinking, but in each Form perfect
use them to Decorate. DIY glass decoration is, moreover, not only at weddings, but also
on birth days, as well as in everyday life as a self-made decorations in the glass, the optical
Highlight. We have for you the most beautiful and most creative ideas to Imitate
collected. Let yourself be inspired!

Upcycling and repurposing: a Variety of glasses to Decorate

Upcycling is the Trend of the hour, and you should not miss! Betting that you already have in your kitchen cabinets a few treasures that are too wonderful for our DIY craft ideas? So, for example, regular drinking glasses, or wine glasses can easily be the purpose alienate. Beautiful storage jars you can buy as well, and then the decorative design. Ideal for Upcyling old bottles, jam jars, or jars of Chocolate sauce like Nutella, depending on taste, the desired Form and decoration idea here.

Our ideas for the jars to Decorate

Anyone who has actually claimed that glasses are only good for Drinking? Of due to. In these vessels, it is easy to decorate seasonally or for special Events in the scene. We give you tips and ideas on how to decorate your glasses great. Whether on a particular occasion, or with our year-round, universally applicable ideas.

Glasses for spring or Easter decorating

Everything is new for the spring! The Christmas decorations will disappear for the next few months in the cellar, and, finally, it may be a touch more pastel and vibrancy. Flowers or bulbs are not allowed here missing. Tulips, snowdrops, Crocuses, and Hyacinths are offered beautiful spring and therefore many of the Arrangements in the glass, the main role. As soon as Easter is in front of the door, can also hare a few scattered decorations through the glass hopping, which is designed with moss.

Glasses in the summer to decorate

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