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A feast for all the senses: Thanksgiving Day decoration


Thanksgiving is not a targeted holiday in our region, but this festival is especially celebrated as Thanksgiving in America. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the fall after the harvest has been brought in to thank God for these gifts. Thanksgiving had a high priority in society even in pre-Christian times. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, first mentioned this festivity in the 3rd century.

However, awareness of the environment and of oneself is enormously important, particularly in today’s era of consumption. Just relax, appreciate the food and say thank you – Thanksgiving is anything but a church “holiday”.

Bring yourself and your loved ones in the right mood and give your four walls an authentic autumn thanks to the cozy coziness and warmth.

This is how Thanksgiving Deco looks like

Side table with autumn decorations with white pumpkins and tea lights

Everything that is autumnal is allowed for Thanksgiving! From materials to colors to various types of fruit and vegetables – autumn decorations create the right mood.

If you like it simple and modern, then natural tones are great! Because brown, white, cream, green and gray let autumn move into your four walls. With a bright orange or a bright red you set color highlights.

Wheat, pumpkin, apples, leaves – plunder the vegetable department in the supermarket! So you give your Thanksgiving decoration more charm and character.

Round off the look with natural materials such as wood, linen and cotton. In addition, you can just keep your eyes open on the next walk in the forest and collect pine cones, moss, chestnuts or acorns for your decoration.

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