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A light comes on: The best lightbox sayings


Let your mantra or motto shine in large letters on an illuminated background! For some time now, light boxes have been staged with cool statements or funny anecdotes and act as hip eye-catchers. The decorative hit can be customized in a few seconds and gets an even more personal touch with each new saying. Whether as a pure decorative object or as an accessory on the birthday table, the festive table ─ a lightbox belongs in every household and has long since become an integral part of the interior among interior fans. If you also fell in love with the trendy light boxes, our ideas for cool or motivating sayings come just right. Let yourself be inspired!

Saying knockers, pay attention: The 10 funniest lightbox sayings

  1. I believe in donuts
  2. Huggers will hug
  3. Boom shakalaka
  4. Sit on a cactus
  5. Oh beach please
  6. Because of isso
  7. Busy doing nothing
  8. Be naked when I get home
  9. All you need is sleep
  10. Wake up, kick your ass, repeat

Optimists only: 10 positive lightbox sayings

  2. Shut up and dance
  3. Relax, refresh, recharge
  4. New week, new goals
  5. Who rules the world? Girl!
  6. The winners never give up
  7. Do what makes you happy
  8. Dare to dream
  9. Only good vibrations
  10. There are no borders

It’s a match: Lightbox sayings by space

The lightbox is a versatile decorative element, which can be customized by personal vibes. For the necessary portion of inspiration, our living experts have put together the most beautiful lightbox sayings for every room.

Tasty sayings for the lightbox in the kitchen:

But first coffee lightbox
  • Coffee is always a good idea
  • Soup of the day – champagne
  • We get that gin
  • Wine clock
  • Drunk with love

These sayings are perfect for a light box in the living room:

Lightbox on white shelf
  • Let’s go comfortably
  • Just like Sunday morning
  • Too glamorous to take care of it
  • Make it possible
  • Believe in unicorns

With these sayings you set the scene for your lightbox in the bedroom:

Lightbox in front of bed with pink decoration
  • Namastay in bed
  • Pajamas all day
  • Netflix and Chill
  • Start with a smile
  • Is it Friday yet?

Inviting sayings for the light box in the entrance area:

Lightbox sayings on side table next to vase
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Enlighten your day
  • Be great today
  • Is at home where that is ❤
  • Your message here

Beautiful thought beautifully staged: decorative ideas for the lightbox

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