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Antler decoration: Nice ideas for rustic living styles


Everyone is crazy about that! Antler decoration is currently a big trend topic and the whole interior scene has already drawn its conclusion. Whether deer, moose or antelope – the majestic four-legged friends with antlers shine on the wall as well as on the cloakroom. The accessories also cut a pretty good figure as a lamp. We grab the style by the horns and chase it with stylish deer antler decoration! Our interior experts will tell you what is important in this decorative trend. We give you creative tips on how you can easily make a DIY antler decoration yourself. Betting that your decorative deer antlers would have guaranteed won the Bambi?

Possible uses of modern deer antler decoration

Close-up of living room with decorative antlers on couch

Deer antlers can be seen more and more not only as a popular motif on cups. The antlers are also a real eye-catcher as a lamp, wall decoration or as a complete wardrobe replacement. If you want to add a little more glamor to your decorative antlers, you can finish it with the appropriate color without any problems. A decorative antler in silver, for example, makes a wonderful addition to the interior in masculine glam chic. Staged splendidly, it decorates your own four walls not only in winter and at festive Christmas. Especially in a rustic style with lots of wood, a deer antler lamp creates a harmonious atmosphere all year round.

Antler wall decoration

Are you a big nature fan, love the rustic log cabin charm and have long dreamed of an antler as a wall decoration? Of course it doesn’t have to be a real deer antler decoration. Even fake decorative antlers, which are made of wood or plastic, can be interpreted in a modern way and adapt to many different living styles.

Modern antler decoration

For a stylish look in a modern style, an antler made of aluminum in silver is the perfect it-piece. The light material is ideal as a wall decoration and is very easy to install. The painted model looks deceptively like a real antler. Of course, whole deer heads are also available that have been implemented with synthetic materials. At WestingNow you can also buy impressive deer antler decoration in the online shop. Feel free to browse through our exclusive selection!

Antler wardrobe

The use of a deer antler is not limited to the classic wall decoration. The magnificent horns can also be found more and more as a wardrobe. Antler decoration makes a great wardrobe, especially for a nostalgic vintage style or Nordic Scandi look. Antlers in natural colors or in white blend aesthetically into the overall picture and spread a cozy cosiness that invites you to linger. You too can create a cozy atmosphere by equipping your entrance area with an antler wardrobe. Make sure that the decorative antlers on the wall have enough free space so that they can come into their own harmoniously.

Decorative darling: deer antlers

Antler decoration for Christmas in the hallway on the wall

Antler decoration that you attach to the wall is not only extremely decorative, but also offers a functional benefit. Whether as a wardrobe, hanging or key board ─ antler decoration is simply unique!

Trend piece: deer antler lamp

Oh my deer! A stylish deer antler lamp is the ultimate in antler decoration. The models impress with great attention to detail and are a real eye-catcher on the side table or the bedside table even when switched off. Place your deer antler lamp as an exclusive accessory centrally on the chest of drawers in the living room. You can also dispense with other decorative objects as you wish. Pure nature ─ is the motto here!

Step-by-step DIY making antler decoration yourself

  1. step

    You do not have to buy antlers to jump on the trend train.

  2. step

    Branches and twigs from the forest are great for making antler decorations out of them.

  3. step

    Make sure that the branches have as many branches as possible.

  4. step

    Before you start creative tinkering, the collected branches should first be cleaned, sanded and glazed.

  5. step

    If the natural look is too boring for you, you can also paint the branches with deer antlers in the color of your choice.

  6. step

    Fix the finished antler decoration in floral foam and move your decoration into a beautiful vase that supports the rustic charm.

  7. step

    Such antler decorations are simply excellent on the dining table or sideboard.

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