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Artificial flowers for a floral decoration at home


They have long been a trend and are slowly coming back into fashion: artificial flowers. Are you still a bit critical of artificial plants? Not sure if artificial flowers can add flair to your rooms? However, a clear advantage over fresh flowers is that artificial flowers cannot wither withering. Artificial plants can permanently set fresh accents in your home. Fine silk flowers in a large stand vase can really liven up a room and wonderfully showcase furniture. We agree: high quality artificial plants are the perfect decoration for special requirements!

Whether for Christmas, Easter or in summer – with artificial flowers you can easily beautify your home. It is often the little things and the attention to detail that make an apartment a home. That’s exactly what is important to us at Westwing. We want to help you get the best out of your four walls and create a wonderful home for yourself and your family. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Flowers are the smile of the earth.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Artificial plants – real joy

Would you like a permanently beautiful flower decoration at home? Fresh flowers are usually short-lived because they quickly wither. There are many creative ideas with decorative flowers that beautify your home. Regardless of whether it is an arrangement with stylish decorative branches, colorful plastic flowers, green artificial palms or appetizing plastic fruits – all decorative plants are a beautiful, less ephemeral decoration. Particularly practical for interior fans who like to travel! Artificial flowers are made from high-quality plastic or textile material and now look confusingly similar to their short-lived role models. The authentic green and the bright flower color ensure that the artificial plant looks like real. Do you dare and showcase furniture, window sills etc. perfectly!

Decoration tips for artificial flowers

Artificial flowers and plants can bring life and color into a room. We believe that an apartment without green, an apartment without decoration. It doesn’t have to be! Because fake plants also make us happy, give our home that certain something and act as a great mood booster. There are really no limits to creativity here. If you are still looking for inspiration for decorating with artificial flowers, here is a small list of beautiful flower ideas:

  • Tip 1: Do you have a nice plate or bowl? With a few delicate plastic flowers and matching candles, the plate becomes a highlight in the living room!
  • Tip 2: Is that certain extra missing in the children’s room? Practical flower arrangements with colorful dahlias or a blue hydrangea immediately bring color into play!
  • Tip 3: The TV wall looks boring? No problem: A decorative vase with artificial orchids brings life to the picture. Several artificial flowers are used as a bouquet to catch the eye on the coffee table.
  • Tip 4: Are you still looking for the right decorative piece for your desk or window sill? A simple artificial plant in a vase or a pot is ideal for a colored accent.
  • Tip 5: The table decoration on the wedding, communion or birthday can still use an upgrade? With a garland of artificial roses in white, you can radiate a romantic flair in no time. It is best to use silk flowers instead of plastic models. These look even more elegant and are perfect for festive occasions.
  • Tip 6: Would you like to set an exciting highlight in your bathroom too? Artificial succulent decoration or Calla house plants look elegant and ensure freshness and lightness in the room.

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Plastic plants on the balcony

Yes you’ve read correctly! Artificial plants also look good on the balcony. Perhaps you are not planning to stay in your apartment for a long time or you simply do not have a green thumb. Then artificial plants for the balcony are ideal for you. The artificial decorative green is weatherproof and can completely transform a balcony into a green oasis. And best of all: it requires little maintenance. Just try it out – pretty silk plants, fine ivy and ever-blooming artificial trees. A pink orchid and roses in white make for a bright, friendly look. Living with artificial flowers is a nice way of decorating, but having artificial flowers on the balcony is simply clever!

Artificial flowers decoration as a wreath of flowers

If you want to decorate your home holistically with flowers, you shouldn’t forget the entrance area. Imagine how nice it is to come home in the evening and discover a beautiful wreath of flowers on the door? This creates a good mood and also makes your guests’ eyes wide. Decorative wreaths made of artificial flowers are particularly practical. They last forever and always look beautiful. For a bit more green, branches are an absolute must. Of course, you can also attach the beautiful decorations to other doors in your home. Decide entirely according to your taste!

Conclusion: The practical advantages of artificial flowers decoration at a glance

We were able to spark your interest in artificial flowers, but you are still not completely convinced? Here is an overview of our top 5 reasons why you should choose artificial flowers:

  • Hardly in need of care! Artificial flowers are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb. They cannot fade and are long-lasting. Plus: no unpleasant pests!
  • Many uses! Unlike real flowers, artificial plants can be placed anywhere in your home. You don’t need daylight or certain temperature conditions. Since they are extremely light, the specimens can also be easily moved or carried to another place.
  • Permanently beautiful appearance! Artificial flowers always look beautiful and are available in many different versions. In addition, the fake plants look deceptively real and are in no way inferior to their real relatives.
  • Real bargains! Real flowers really go on your wallet in the long run, as they are often associated with expensive fertilizers or other care products. In contrast, only the acquisition costs are incurred for an artificial plant.
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers and sensitive noses! Whether classic red, happy yellow, unusual purple or even a deep blue: Don’t be afraid to prettify your home with the varied selection of artificial flowers. High-quality artificial plants with vases, candles and stones result in an imaginative, special decoration. Textile plants and silk flowers are ideal for particularly noble occasions!

Care and cleaning of artificial plants

Even if the artificial flower decoration is hardly in need of care, you should still clean it every now and then. The flowers look fresh and colorful even after months and you can enjoy them for longer.

First remove the dust with a soft microfiber cloth. Plants made of plastic can also be showered with water in the shower to clear them of dirt. However, make sure that the water jet is not too firm, otherwise you could damage the flowers. Caution should also be exercised with silk flowers. Since they are very sensitive, it is advisable to use a special spray for cleaning that removes the dust. Alternatively, you can carefully clean them with a soft feather duster.

Extra tip: Also avoid direct sunlight. This can fade the colors of your artificial plant.

PS: The artificial flower look has inspired you and you are looking for more floral decorating ideas? Then click on our articles and let yourself be inspired!

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