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Autumn decoration: the best ideas and inspiration


Fall colors: Decorate in the tones of the Indian Summer

When we think of beautiful autumn decorations, a variety of warm colors come to mind. These are popular and widespread autumn colors for an attractive decoration:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Moss green
  • brown
  • caramel
  • orange
  • aubergine
  • Dark red

The nuances are so popular precisely because nature shines in these tones. The leaves of the trees are immersed in the colors of the Indian Summer, the sky turns a dreamy red at sunset. Coupled with their natural effect and warm character, autumn colors in your home are a guarantee of cosiness and cozy hours. So that the sometimes dark autumn colors do not appear too heavy in the interior, it is best to combine bright and fresh accents as a great eye-catcher. At the same time, this loosens up the overall picture of the living landscape.

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The autumn decoration with gifts from nature

Why shouldn’t you use nature’s gifts from the cozy season when decorating tables in autumn? This is also all about the Thanksgiving Day. Experience autumn at home and decorate your table with fallen leaves, autumn flowers, moss, branches, nuts, chestnuts and pumpkins. Autumn is the best time to make beautiful autumn decorations out of natural finds. Let your imagination run wild!

Whether branches or solo berries and fruits: Since autumn is harvest time for many of them, they are also perfect! And the best thing about it: you can also eat them. Simply choose fruit in autumn colors and combine it with the other natural materials!

Chestnuts are turned into small animals with the help of toothpicks, and colorful leaves can replace the flowers on the table. The decoration with chestnuts and acorns is especially fun for children and allows them to participate in the interior design. Foliage is also a nice way to bring autumn into your four walls. Whether you decorate the table with the fire-colored foliage or drape it as a bouquet in a vase is up to your taste.

However, one thing is certain: autumn leaves can be used to create an inexpensive, yet very pretty autumn table decoration. And the best thing about an autumn decoration on the table: Not only the sight makes the season come alive, you can also smell it through the fresh autumn decoration on the table. Simply wonderful autumn!

Autumn decorations on a dining table with branches and berries

Flower & plant decoration in autumn

Colorful flowers are standard on every table in summer – but they shouldn’t be missing in autumn either! Choose between the autumn colors and create a nice highlight on the table! Of course, the flowers look great everywhere else in the apartment – whether windowsill, sideboard or coffee table. There are no limits to your creativity here!

  • Autumn anemones
  • Chrysanthemums
  • gladiolus
  • Meet
  • sunflowers
  • Dahlias
  • Hydrangeas
Autumn table decorated with fruit and bushes

Autumn decorations for outdoors

While the decoration in your own four walls is in full swing in autumn, the autumn decoration for outdoors is also a must. Pumpkins can be placed as a classic in front of the front door and represent a cozy light source with tea lights in the evening. We also recommend decorating on the terrace with lanterns, lanterns, lanterns or fairy lights. You can also design candles as autumn decorations in the glass and fill larger glasses with a few nuts and chestnuts. If you have more space, drape baskets made of bast or wood on the terrace. Here collected nuts from the garden find a decorative storage.

Tip: Be careful not to expose the basket to the rain, otherwise the nuts will spoil faster. A dry place with a roof is better.

Make autumn decoration

You can make beautiful autumn decorations with the gifts of nature. We show you two popular autumn decoration ideas that are easy to implement and leave an effective effect in your interior:

The romantic: autumn wreath

A romantic wreath can be used as an autumn decoration in the window or as decoration for your front door. We will show you how to make the popular autumn decorations and how to conjure up an individual and beautiful home accessory for your home:

How to tie an autumn wreath:

  1. step

    Collect material for autumn decorations. Dried flowers, leaves, grains and branches with rose hips look particularly beautiful.

  2. step

    Obtain winding wire and a straw in your craft supplies as the basis for your autumn decorations.

  3. step

    Now attach the leaves and branches bit by bit to the wreath using the wire. It is best to switch between the different materials – this creates a uniform look. Start at one point and work your way from there to the starting point.

  4. step

    A wide bow can be used to attach to the door or window frame and looks decorative at the same time.

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