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Balcony lighting: ideas for a homely atmosphere


The summer is approaching! For many of us, the balcony is a “room in the fresh air”. In addition to the garden or terrace, it is a retreat where you can recharge your batteries and unwind. At the same time you can enjoy with friends and family, the wonderful weather and fresh air. With a little effort and the right accessories, you can design easily your own Outdoor oasis that evokes the holiday feeling in you. In addition to a few beautiful plants and garden furniture and also the decoration is the balcony design. In particular, the lighting can make for an atmospheric ambience. Our Interior experts will tell you tips and ideas on how you air Paradise with the right of the balcony lighting is a real free. Let yourself be inspired!

You should note that in the balcony lighting

You want to equip your balcony with a beautiful outdoor lighting and homely atmosphere to worry about? Not A Problem! With the tips of our housing experts the succeed for sure! In advance, you should check always, whether an external power outlet is available. To the outside cables look unsightly and pose a tripping hazard to your Mini patio. No electricity should be available, offers the trade, but at least as stylish alternative solutions. Pay attention to the IP protection of the lighting. IP stands for Ingress Protection, and means the extent to which protection against the Ingress of water. In General, luminaires with a protection of IP44, meet the outside.

You want to make your balcony look bigger, you can also play with the balcony lighting. Ideal for the combination of basic illumination and accent lighting. The resulting shaded, semi-shaded and illuminated areas create a great spatial effect and at the same time emphasize different accents. Also, a plain Seating area can be a real eye-catcher.

What are the balcony-lighting are there?

There are countless ways you can illuminate your balcony and cosy ambience. Each variant has been able to adapt their own advantages and disadvantages, which is why the selection of your wishes and ideas.

Solar lights

Solar you know lights, actually, as the light source, the one stuck in the earth, such as, for example, a ground spike. Meanwhile, there are also many variants and different styles. Some solar lamps, for example, on the balcony railing or as a wall light off. Some models you only need to place on the table or come as hanging lamps. In the variety of Designs you will be the Eyecatcher of your Mini terrace. Absolute Plus the case of solar lamps compared to other light sources, they are very eco-friendly.

LED lights

LED lights are ideal for balconies. And not only because they emit no ultraviolet light and, thus, not attract insects! The lamps are very bright, and consume little power. You can also be operated with batteries or solar cells. LED lamps are available in countless variations – either wirelessly or wired. In the case of LED lamps, you should definitely pay attention to the strength of the light output, because on balconies low light performance enough due to the rather smaller area. Too strong a light can be your balcony, namely, uncomfortable and uneasy appear.

Balcony lighting with rechargeable battery

Are you in search of a balcony lighting, which requires neither electricity nor solar? Also there is a clever solution. Decorate lamps to your balcony with a battery or battery! The lights points with their mobility and a powerful memory. In addition, this balcony lighting is very energy efficient and comes in various Designs. Of table lamp and floor lamp, to the floor lighting with a battery lamp you will surely meet your taste. Especially if your balcony is in the shade and a Solar lamp is rather less in question is a rechargeable light is a good Alternative.

Basic lighting of the balconies

The ambient lighting provides plenty of light on your balcony. As an indirect light source illuminates the exterior walls, the balcony railing and the floor. In General, Cover for basic illumination and wall lights used. But here, too, there are different ways that you can customize to your balcony.

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