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Balloon decoration: inspiration & ideas


Yes, the balls filled with gas or air make a great impression and are not only a successful decoration piece on festive occasions. A balloon decoration can also be stylishly integrated into everyday life. Whether a stylish balloon garland or a complete balloon wall – the bright colors immediately put you in a good mood and show presence. Depending on the festivity, the balloons can be perfectly adapted to the motto. If there is a birthday with a jungle theme, different shades of green are particularly suitable. Be creative and create an unforgettable ambience with a balloon decoration that will amaze young and old guests.

Balloon decoration in many colors

Pink, blue, white or gray ─ Balloons come in all colors, shapes and sizes. So you can put together the right balloon decoration for every occasion. Even silver or gold colored balloons are possible. Or how about the next 20s party with a black balloon decoration? With it you hit the bull’s eye on style and literally!

Balloons can also be decorated fabulously over your candy bar. Whether with green accents such as ferns and palm leaves or summerly with fresh citrus fruits. A balloon decoration can score even in an elegant style with glittering tassels. We know one thing in any case: with an opulent balloon you get an absolute WOW effect.

Balloons in white tied to a table with floral decorations

Balloon decoration for special occasions

Filled with helium, a balloon decoration is an element on any festive occasion that can be used in many different ways. Whether in floating form over the tables or as a replacement for traditional table arrangements – the balloons will definitely please your guests.

A tasteful balloon decoration is also the perfect background for your photos from the photo booth, which is especially popular for weddings. A colorful frame made of balloons, which are additionally decorated with fresh flowers, is the “non plus ultra” for your location. In addition, the balloon decoration creates wonderful memories when they are captured in the couple’s photos of the guests. Unforgettable pictures included!

Balloon decoration in the children’s room

A creative balloon decoration is not only very nice for special occasions, the balloons can also be wonderfully integrated into the children’s room, for example.

Balloon in pink on a wall in the girl's nursery

Styling tip: Fill large letter balloons with air or helium and hang them on a string in the children’s room. This balloon decoration looks particularly authentic if you use it to shape the name of your child.

A very playful balloon decoration for the children’s room is the variant in the hot air balloon design, which you can make yourself in just a few steps.

What you need for it

  • a balloon
  • a colorful sundae
  • Superglue
  • a thin yarn
  • a colored paper
  • a scissors
  • Gift ribbon

It’s that easy

  1. step

    Blow air out of the balloon.

  2. step

    Now attach the colorful sundae to the balloon using the superglue. If you want, you can still decorate the mug with colored gift ribbon.

  3. step

    To give the balloon a little more peppery, you can cut out small flags from the colored paper and stick them on the balloon.

  4. step

    It is even nicer if you combine two or three balloons in different colors and sizes with each other in the children’s room.

Conclusion: That’s why we love balloon decoration

Colorful balloons awaken in us childish memories of happy birthday parties with pounding pot, blind cow and lots of cakes. Maybe these memories are exactly the reason why we still love balloon decoration so much. Balloons reflect a feeling of lightness and immediately make guests feel good. Party on!

And let’s be honest: A party only really starts when the gaudy balloon decoration is hung up!

So that your next celebration will be a complete success, you will find a nice selection of balloons in different styles in the WestwingNow online shop. Let it crash with your balloon decoration!

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