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Beautiful summer decoration for the window: 4 creative ideas


As we all know, we interior decorators design every corner of our home again and again. But did you also think about your windows and the window sills in front of them? Here you will find mostly unused space where you can also get creative. And all guests also see the summer decoration for the window from the outside, even before you enter your home. So that you can start right away, we will give you our favorite ideas on how you can decorate your windows in no time. Have fun!

Hanging candle holder

Let’s start with our hanging candle holders. We first discovered these in Scandinavian-inspired apartments. In the meantime, the small trend for window decorations has also established itself in all other living styles.

To recreate this look, you can either buy the right candle holder or do it yourself in just a few steps.

All you need is a round metal frame, a simple tealight holder, a thin cord or chain, and the spray paint of your choice.

That’s how it works:

  1. Use a hot glue gun to attach the tealight holder to the bottom of the circle.
  2. You can now glue the cord or chain to the top half. Let the entire framework dry well.
  3. Now only the right paint is missing! Spray your DIY tealight holder in the desired color. We find the variants in gold, silver or black particularly beautiful.
  4. To mount it in your home, you only need a little skill and a nail and hammer, with which you can make the candle holder on the ceiling or at the upper end of the window frame.

You can also combine a variety of candle holders on one window for a particularly impressive look. Simply craft several variants in different sizes for this, which you can now put together at the window as you wish.

And the best thing about this summer decoration for the window: Even without a window sill, you can decorate this part of your home.

Light bulbs with inner life

Turn old into new: You can also continue to use old light bulbs in the lamp after their life has ended. To do this, first collect at least three models that are large enough to fill them in a small DIY project.

And now it’s time to get down to business:

  1. First unscrew the thread of the lamp and remove the old filament.
  2. Wash the container well with soap and water to remove any dirt.
  3. Now fill your small glass containers with decorative stones, small artificial plants or mini fairy lights. Now all you have to do is screw the cap back on the lamp and the summer decoration for the window is ready.

Extra tip: Especially on a small tray made of marble or metal, your collection of mini decorative light bulbs looks particularly good on the windowsill.

Colorful mini vases

However, you do not always have to make or buy new window decorations, often you can also reuse your existing accessories perfectly. For example, collect all the small vases in your home and drape them on the windowsill.

The colors and sizes of the individual vases can vary. It is only the combination of the different styles that makes the charm of this summer decoration for the window.

Now fill some of the vases with your favorite flowers. And you’ve already conjured up your very own window decoration!

Summer decoration for the kitchen window

Of course, we also want to refresh our window in the kitchen with beautiful summer decorations. Here, of course, a chic fruit basket full of delicious fruits is particularly suitable.

But small flower pots with your favorite herbs also beautify every window sill in the kitchen. So you can refine your food in no time while cooking and at the same time have the perfect summer decoration for the window. How practical!

Perhaps you have now received one or two ideas for your summer decoration on the window. Feel free to discover our other ideas & inspiration for summer decorations!

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