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Bird cage decoration: the new interior trend


They dangle from chains or, for example, set romantic accents in apartments on a chest of drawers: decorative bird cages! Whether for storing jewelry, as a base for candles or for presenting plants ─ Bird cage decoration is always an eye-catcher. Our living experts have gathered beautiful inspiration for you and will tell you the best decorating ideas with bird cages. Stand or hang ─ Bird cage decoration has a stimulating effect on every interior!

A question of style: pure nostalgia

Decorative cages are undoubtedly romantic and are therefore especially for Vintage style as well as at Shabby chic popular. But the country house style also benefits from the elegant look of a decorative cage. Whether as table decorations, for weddings or outside on the terrace – small decorative bird cages are always special highlights. With a themed decoration, the bird cage is a stylish all-rounder in every season and for every occasion.

The most beautiful ideas for bird cage decoration

A bit of romance, vintage flair or shabby chic ─ a decorative cage brings a special charm to your interior. And the best: You can decorate it again and again! Whether as a window or table decoration, we have put together the most beautiful ideas for you.

Bird cage decoration for the table

Even without a beeping bird, the vintage cages can be beautifully decorated. Small decorative bird cages are an absolute eye-catcher on a festive table. So you can fill many small bird cages with a beautiful flower or a tealight and distribute the decorative objects on the entire table. We also particularly like the idea of ​​using bird cage decoration for the table numbers at a wedding. Something different!

You should pay attention to this when decorating the bird cage for the table:

  • The size of the cage determines the space for decorative pieces.
  • Is the door big enough? A little door doesn’t fit much.
  • Small birdcages that can be opened from above are perfect as a table decoration, because you can fill the birdcage as you like.

Bird cage decoration for the window

A bird cage looks beautiful not only as a table decoration. Vintage bird cages also make a lot of things on a bookshelf, the fireplace or in the window.

Bird cage decoration on the windowsill with flowers in gold

This window decoration with a bird cage is very easy. Select the bird cage in gold, place it on the window sill and decorate with golden thistles as you wish. If you want, you can use the space inside the decorative cage to store magazines or decorative objects. We like!

Bird cage decoration with flowers

Succulents, orchids and cacti cut a pretty good figure in a decorative cage. With fresh blossoms or artificial flowers you bring even more color into play and give the plant cage an additional romantic touch. Cut flowers and artificial flowers look very elegant in a decorative cage. You can even plant moss and succulents with solid potting soil in a planting cage and place them on the windowsill, or hang them in the window with a suitable hook. Succulents, in particular, hardly need any growth space and can thrive here. Air plants in a decorative cage are even easier to maintain because you don’t have to plant or water them. Simply spray the air plants with a little water from the classic spray bottle and you will enjoy your bird cage decoration for a long time.

Small decorative bird cage with succulents on a wooden dining table

Our tip: If you want to use fresh flowers, then use a wet floral foam. This will keep the flowers fresh for longer. For the hip retro trend, you can also let the plants dry. Place the cage and flowers in an airy, warm place.

Bird cage decoration for the wedding

Are you designing your wedding party in a romantic vintage look? The bird cage can also be used here as a decoration. Dried roses in a white bird cage are perfect as a table decoration. Alternatively, you can use the cage as a mailbox replacement by collecting your guests’ greeting cards. Simply place the decorative cage on the gift table and indicate with a “Cards” sign that the collection point for the wedding cards is located here.

Tip: You can also spray the cage in gold or in a color of your choice, if the decorative cage harmonizes better with your existing decoration. That’s how it’s done:

Step by step to the bird cage decoration in gold:

  1. step

    Place your decorative cage on a firm surface that you have lined with old newspaper.

  2. step

    Please never spray the cage (or other objects) indoors, but always outdoors in the fresh air!

  3. step

    Shake the can with the paint properly and spray evenly on the decorative cage from a distance of about 20 to 30 cm.

  4. step

    Then let everything dry well for at least 24 hours.

DIY bird cage decoration

Tired of a white bird cage? With a suitable acrylic paint you give the decorative cage its own note. Let the paint dry well before moving the cage. This will prevent the color from being transferred to other furnishings. The fastest DIY decoration with a bird cage is for us with beautiful candles. We find the decoration of a golden decorative cage with white block candles in different sizes particularly glamorous. A beautiful DIY lantern with a personal touch!

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