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Buddha decoration: Peaceful living with ideas from the Far East


We no longer only encounter figures and symbols from Buddhism in the Far East or in religious places. In our interior, too, we encounter Buddhism symbols and stylish Buddha decorations more and more. Pompous Buddha figures in particular can be found in the most varied positions in our four walls. Sitting, standing or even a lying Buddha – Buddha figures in the garden or indoors are beautiful pieces of decoration. In our guide, we show you what you need for a peaceful atmosphere so that you feel completely comfortable in your home. Our interior experts will explain the background of the Buddha and give you valuable tips and tricks for designing your own personal oasis of wellbeing.

What does Buddha mean?

Before we deal intensively with the decoration in the Buddha design, we should first deal with the Buddha itself. What is the significance of Buddha figures – apart from the fact that they make an excellent decorative object?

For example, have you ever noticed that every Buddha statue always smiles? A laughing Buddha, also known as the Buddha of Happiness, is a character from the Chinese and Japanese folk religion. This symbolism can be traced back to the story of a Chinese monk who lived 1,000 years ago. Because of his always cheerful and kind temperament, he originally represented the virtue of self-sufficiency. The Chinese Buddha is said to have been a Zen master. His smile on the lips is known worldwide! Its Chinese name “Budai” means “cloth bag” and refers to the cloth bag that the Chinese monk always carried with him.

Buddha decoration terrace decorate Asian

Buddha wisdom

The Buddha head is wonderful as a home accessory on your terrace or in the bathroom. In addition to the decorative quality, the Happy Buddha also brings with it many wisdoms that we can manifest for ourselves and our lives. Buddhist wisdom, especially that which has been handed down by the Buddha himself, is a great inspiration for many people. Buddhism stands for the “path of awakening”. The Buddha wisdom supports people in difficult times and seemingly hopeless situations.

10 positive things Buddha decoration can remind you of:

  • Fact 1: Follow your inner wisdom! Develop awareness and feel yourself inside. Learn and act accordingly. If you are unsure, always ask yourself the question: What is good for me?
  • Fact 2: Happiness exists – for each of us! No matter how unhappy you are, there is a way out – at least that’s what Buddha announced. Every person has an inner strength that enables them to strive for happiness and to find it.
  • Fact 3: Perhaps you have already noticed that you feel and act as you think. For Buddha, mind control was the highest skill a person can ever develop. According to his knowledge, everyone is as happy as they would like to be if they only understand this type of art.
  • Fact 4: Use your suffering to find your personal happiness! Find the painful point and then change your attitude about things!
  • Fact 5: Stay calm! Stop your pursuit of perfectionism – the world will never be perfect.
  • Fact 6: Envy and hatred do no harm to the person you feel these feelings towards. Above all, they harm those who have these feelings – you! Try to be friendly towards others.
  • Fact 7: For pure happiness, Buddha shows you the eightfold path, which also leads to a comprehensive relief from suffering. From realizing reality to serene and loving action on all levels – Buddha teaches people how to be completely happy.
  • Fact 8: Everyday life is often very stressful and you cannot relax in the free minutes or in the evening on the couch? Buddha has made life easier with meditation.
  • Fact 9: As with all things in life, it is important that you find the golden mean. Neither extremes nor one-sidedness lead to a happy life. Go the middle path and look from time to time to the right and left!
  • Fact 10: If you want to improve the world, start with yourself.

Buddha decoration: figures & statues

Decoration that brings happiness! It is a Chinese custom to stroke the round belly of the laughing Buddha, which should bring you happiness, prosperity and contentment.

Oriental decorations like buddah, candles and lanterns on the floor

This is what the different positions of the Buddha say:

Have you ever dealt with Buddha figures in large or small? Then you will have noticed that the Buddha is shown in three different postures. The best-known positions are sitting, standing, walking or lying. Every posture is assigned a special meaning in Buddhism, which is defined on the basis of the Buddha’s body and hand posture and bears the name “Mudra”.

  • The seated Buddha
    A little Buddha who is sitting is the meditating Buddha. His hands rest loosely in his lap and the palms on top of each other point upwards. The attitude is called “Dayana mudra” and means “to set the wheel of teaching in motion”. The steadfastness and strength of the Buddha are also symbolized in a certain position. This consists of a cross-legged position in which a Thai Buddha has his left hand in his lap and his right hand on his knee. The fingers of this hand point to the floor here.
  • The standing Buddha
    A fat Buddha, who is shown standing or walking, and has raised hands with palms facing forward, is called “Abhaya mudra”. The meaning conveys a feeling of protection promise and fearlessness and translates roughly as “drive away the fear”. There are also small Buddha figures that are shown standing with one or two hands raised. The thumb and index finger often touch here. This is the “gesture of instruction”.
  • The lying Buddha
    As a decoration, the lying Buddha is not quite as common with us as the seated figure. In the Buddhist area, however, this imposing position of the Buddha is not uncommon. The Buddha statues are often on the right side of the body and support your head with your hand. The feet are parallel and the left hand is stretched out on the body. This position of the Buddha symbolizes the Buddha’s entry into nirvana. Whereby nirvana is not a real place, but was rather chosen for the description of a state of mind.

Buddha decoration: pictures

In addition to effective Buddha figures made of stone or a refreshing Buddha fountain, Buddha pictures are also extremely popular. Bring the Buddha and his spiritual aura into your own four walls with this decoration. No matter whether as a modern art print or an impressive oil painting. Buddha pictures experience a stylish interior revial ​​and can be perfectly integrated into a simple interior in a modern style. Did you know that the Buddha is one of the most photographed subjects in the world? From which perspective do you want to look at the Buddha day by day? Each Buddha image artfully symbolizes the merging of the nature and spirituality of Buddhism.

Zen-Flow: Find the right place for the decoration Buddha

Shelf with Asian characters

Impressive decoration in Buddha style is very decorative and can be elegantly staged, especially in the garden or in the bathroom. Especially gold or silver colored Buddha statues look particularly noble. So that your decorative Buddha also becomes an eye-catcher in your home, you should raise it and place it with a solid wall in the back. For example, the brick shelf above the sink or bathtub is very nice. In the garden or on the terrace, it can be placed on a side table in front of the house wall. An XXL Buddha also cuts a good figure in the bed between your favorite flowers.

Our 5 most beautiful decoration ideas with Buddha flair

Small Buddha figure next to candles
  • On the balcony: You can create a tranquil ambience with a stone Buddha figure and a flickering lantern, which you can gracefully decorate on the terrace.
  • In the garden: Also in the outside area, a large Buddha statue impresses between exotic green plants and different sized, luminous solar balls.
  • As a mini garden: Instead of a small Zen garden, you can also create your own dry landscape garden as an indoor garden. Use gravel, stones, boulders and of course a magnificent Buddha figure. With the exception of moss, no plants are “allowed” here.
  • In the bathroom: This is where the Buddha feels most comfortable between incense sticks and scented candles. For a fresh look, use green plants such as reeds or decorative grass.
  • As a table decoration: The Buddha head on a gold decorative tablet creates a spiritual atmosphere that you can combine with candles and delicate shrubs.

Buddha decoration for the garden

A Buddha figure in the garden? It is not uncommon. Many interior fans who like the style from the Far East want to decorate their outdoor area with a beautiful Buddha statue. Since the object is exposed to all weather conditions, you should make sure that the Buddha’s material is also weatherproof. Buddha figures or Buddha fountains made of natural stone or a coated material are suitable for the garden. Ceramics, for example, are rather unsuitable because, depending on the weather, damage to the Buddha statue can occur.

Trend Watch: The Buddha terrarium as decoration for the living room

A Buddha terrarium or a mini garden is a creative gift idea for all those who enjoy small things. The Buddha terrarium is a small garden that is carefully and carefully laid out in a glass container. The basis for such a mini garden is formed by stones, gravel and several layers of earth or sand. Depending on the light and purpose, you can choose between different plants. So-called air plants are particularly well suited here, which you don’t even have to water, but only have to spray them with water. A small Buddha figure, enthroned in the middle of the terrarium, is of course essential. In a round glass vase, the mini garden including miniature Buddha figure is also great as a table decoration.

With our decorative Buddha decorations let the magic of the Far East move into your home. Have fun browsing and decorating.

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