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Cactus vase: 3 looks with fresh flowers


The cactus vase – en vogue, summery and a real eye-catcher! The decorative objects are just great! And you can always be staged with a wide variety of flowers. Our interior experts will give you tips on how to equip your cactus vase with three stylish looks and turn it into an eye-catcher in your four walls.

What you need for the flower decoration in the cactus vase

  • Cactus vase in different sizes
  • Fresh flowers of your choice
  • A scissors

Flowers in the cactus vase: the variants

The cactus flower

Snap off the flower just above the stem so that you are actually only using the flower to decorate. You do not need the stem and any leaves.

Simply place the flower in the cactus vase. And it already looks as if colorful flowers are growing out of your cactus vase.

The bird of paradise

For this look you need five different types of flowers so that the bird of paradise really looks really colorful. So that you can ideally arrange all five flowers in the cactus vase, the individual plants should not be too expansive.

For a summer style, place the flowers in a cross shape in the cactus vase.

The loner

The name suggests – here the cactus vase is optimized by a single pompous flower. Striking types of the Protea family are perfect. Pour water into the cactus vase and cut the flower so it stays fresh longer.

First came the pineapple trend, now the cactus vases! We are in love with the decorative pieces and cannot get enough of them. Cactus vases are not only extremely easy to care for, but also exude a pure summer mood. You will find stylish cactus vases in our exclusive selection at WestwingNow. We hope you enjoy decorating!

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