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Calla houseplant – the interior trend


The gently curving flowers of the Calla houseplant have stood for eternal life for centuries. The fact that she stands for immortality only shows once more how special her appearance is. Nevertheless, the flower also stands for recognition, beauty and elegance. Whether as a potted plant, individually or in a colorful bouquet of flowers – the room calla is a stylish highlight every time anew. Our home experts will tell you what is hidden behind the beautiful plant and how you can best care for it. Inspiring decorating tips will give your home an effective update!

Calla – the perfect houseplant

The Calla – or also known as Zantedeschia aethiopica – belongs to the family of the arum family. It originally comes from southern Africa and can grow up to 2.5 meters high. But since many varieties are also somewhat smaller, they are perfect as houseplants. The main focus of the room calla is the curved petal, which looks stylish and noble at the same time. The Calla is not only available in a specific color, but in numerous shades and nuances. Depending on the style of furnishing, you can also find the right room calla for your four walls.

Extra tip: But callas are not just a nice idea as houseplants. The exotic flowers also look good in the garden and are an absolute eye-catcher. In order for you to have some of your flowers next year, the bulbs must winter in the house frost-free in winter.

Questions about care

Like any other plant, the Zantedeschia aethiopica needs a certain amount of care so that you can enjoy the flower for a long time. Our experts will tell you what you should definitely consider. Compared to some other plant species, the calla can easily hibernate in its pot.

Basically, the Calla prefers a rather sunny location with nutrient-rich, well-ventilated soil. The plant feels very comfortable in a pot of fresh potting soil on a bright window sill in spring. Watering twice a week is enough.

However, make sure that the potting soil does not dry out completely in direct sunlight. Sun protection in the flower window at noon is an absolute must. Waterlogging should also be avoided, otherwise the tuber can start to rot. From June, the room calla virtually falls into its early hibernation and requires around two months of rest. The plant should then be placed as bright and cool as possible. Little water and no fertilizer! You can repot the Calla in August. In addition to a larger pot, a humus-rich soil is the be-all and end-all. To prevent the soil from drying out completely, you should only water moderately from August to November. If it is winter, the plants need a warm location with lots of light. In addition to plenty of water, a liquid fertilizer (every two weeks) is also necessary. In summer you can put the flower on the terrace. Just make sure that it is protected from the wind.

extra– –tip: Pests such as aphids or spider mites can always be found in the flower window. In order to protect your room calls, you should check them from time to time. So you can quickly take countermeasures.

Doesn’t your Calla just want to bloom? This is annoying, but not a reason to dispose of the plant. There are many reasons why Zantedeschia aethiopica does not bloom:

– Not enough water
– blazing sun
– Too poor soil
– Earth too rich in nutrients

Above all, direct sunlight is not good for plants. The location should be bright, but not in the blazing heat. A place that gets sun only in the morning and evening is particularly cheap. In addition, the Calla needs a lot of water during the flowering period, while the soil should be dry during the rest period. If you want your Calla to bloom again, you should replace the soil, fertilize it and ensure it is in a bright place.

Before the Calla hibernates, you should remove dead leaves and clear the tuber of excess soil. During this resting phase, the suitable place for the onions stands out with dryness and cool temperatures. Water and fertilizer are not recommended during this time.

If the pot of your houseplants has become too small, it is time to repot the calla. The best time to do this is in spring, because then the root tubers are best divided and thus can be propagated. To do this, remove the plant from the old pot and free it from the substrate. The long roots are then shortened and the tubers divided. You can then use the partial bulbs in new, nutrient-rich soil. Callas can also be propagated through seeds. However, this method proves to be somewhat difficult and lengthy.

In terms of substrate, these houseplants make hardly any demands. Normal potting soil, potting soil and garden soil can be used. It is only important that the substrate is fresh.

The most beautiful decoration ideas for the Calla houseplant

It is not without reason that callas are the “non plus ultra”, especially as decoration for weddings. But the flowers can also be stylishly staged in your own home. Whether as a tasteful arrangement or classically in a bouquet – the graceful and yet so simple flowers are a beautiful eye-catcher in any case. Complete the look with the right vase.

Tip: If you choose a room calla in the tone of your interior, the plant blends elegantly into the ambience. But white always works anyway!

Calla as a table decoration

The Calla impresses every interior fan with its unique, trumpet-shaped flowers. The special texture makes the flower a wonderful specimen, which we like to put in our own four walls. The room calla symbolizes purity and is considered a lucky charm, which makes it very popular on many occasions. Of course, no special celebration is required to integrate the Calla in the table decoration at home.

Whether in a simple porcelain vase, a rustic ceramic model or the trendy glass must-have – the Zantedeschia aethiopica feels particularly comfortable on your table. Arrange the flower in a stylish way with matching roses or carnations. The look is very clean if you place the Calla individually in a vase. For an autumnal decoration, you can add beautiful dried flowers such as pampas grass or evergreen branches to the exotic blossom.

Autumnal calla flower decoration in rose on dining table

More vases for the Calla houseplant

A Calla doesn’t just look great on a window sill in a flowerpot. Individually in the vase on the coffee table, on the dresser or in the lush bouquet of flowers on the bedside table, the plant gives your ambience a fresh and lively touch. You can find a nice selection of vases that put your flowers in the right light in the WestwingNow online shop. Let yourself be inspired!

Pink callas in pink vase on dessert in bedroom

Reading tip: Discover many more flower decoration ideas and be inspired by our tips!

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