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Candle decoration: the most beautiful ideas for your home


They provide warmth and, with their flickering light, create a cozy atmosphere: candles. Especially when it gets colder outside and the darkness falls in the afternoon, candles are an absolute must-have in autumn and winter. If you were still used as a practical light source many years ago, candles are more of an atmospheric home accessory today. The indirect light immediately gives the room a magical, perhaps even idyllic atmosphere. Our interior experts will tell you how to create an atmospheric candle decoration. Let yourself be inspired!

Candle decoration in the glass

A candle decoration in the glass is a great way to decorate your home creatively and original. Depending on the season, the glasses and candles can be filled with different accessories and give your four walls a personal touch. As a small arrangement on the dining table, three smaller glass vases can be filled with water and an evergreen branch. Classic white candles round off the autumnal look.

Staging lanterns creatively

If you prefer it to be very simple and minimalistic, you can position a rustic, white block candle in a large glass lantern. This candle decoration is simply fabulous on the couch or side table in the living room, on the chest of drawers in the bedroom or on the balcony. Different sizes of lanterns can be combined to create a nice atmosphere. Because especially in the garden or on the balcony, lanterns are a real eye-catcher and here a few more candles can also provide a cozy atmosphere.

Candle tray

Do you love opulent and extravagant decorations? A wide variety of scented candles can be decorated in a glass on a round tray in gold, black or silver. If you make sure that the scents harmonize with each other, your home will be enveloped by a wonderfully fragrant potpourri of candles. For a beautiful overall picture, candles are suitable, which are all optically in a similar family of colors. For a classic look, you can arrange timeless block candles in different heights on a plate or a tray. Candle holders can also be combined on a candle tray. The entire tray does not have to be filled with candle holders. Candle holders and scented candles can be arranged very nicely.

Candle decoration for the table

No matter whether for a very special occasion or for a cozy Sunday breakfast ─ Candles always look good on the dining or coffee table. So that the candle decoration does not appear to be overloaded, you should opt for a pompous arrangement in the middle of the table or put on many small glasses with tea lights that you distribute colorfully on the dining table. Depending on the occasion, motto or color theme, the candles can be easily adjusted. Simple tea lights in a colorful glass are stylish eye-catchers. In the autumn and winter months, candle decorations fit you, which you can display splendidly with evergreen branches, pine cones and berries.

Candle decoration in the bathroom

After a stressful day at work, we come home and just want to relax. What could be nicer in autumn and winter than to lie down in the hot bathtub and watch the flickering candlelight? Even in the bathroom you can wonderfully decorate with candles. If you want to make yourself really comfortable, a sea of ​​lights has a calming effect on body, mind and soul. A scented candle decoration can also be beautifully integrated on the sideboard next to the bathroom mirror or on a rustic wooden stool.

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