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Carving Pumpkin: The Best Instructions for the Perfect Halloween Pumpkin


Creepy grimaces, flickering candlelight and a shower that runs down your back like an icy cold – Halloween is actually only half as scary without a grinning pumpkin. To make your horrific decoration on October 31st a complete success, we will show you how you can easily carve devilish faces into the pumpkin yourself. You will also learn which tools are required for Halloween DIY and how the pumpkin then illuminates the dark season for as long as possible. Let us inspire you with the tips and ideas for carving pumpkins!

You need this tool for this

The most important thing when carving pumpkins is clearly the tool. Because only with the right utensils will your project succeed without problems. The following things are needed for the eerie craft project:

  • pumpkin
  • Sharp (large) knife
  • cutter
  • Masking tape
  • tablespoon
  • Flat chisel
  • Gouge
  • scissors
  • Tea lights
  • Black marker pen
  • Tea towel
  • Coasters

Crafting tip: Of course, the simple basic equipment consisting of pumpkin, knife, cutter, spoon and pen does the same for pumpkin carving with children. Real Halloween professionals can also get a carving set especially for pumpkins.

Carving a pumpkin: step-by-step instructions

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Cut open the lid

    Tip: Make the cut diagonally towards the center. This increases the contact area and the lid does not simply fall inwards later.

  2. Take out the pumpkin

    The pulp of the pumpkin is simply spooned out to within two centimeters.

  3. Paint motif

    Now grab your waterproof pen (preferably a black felt-tip pen) and paint your Halloween motif on the pumpkin from the outside.

  4. Cut out the motif

    In the last step you cut with a cutter along the contours of your drawing. Tip: You can puncture the drawn lines with a needle. This makes it easier to cut the bowl with the cutter.

  5. Finished

    Put the candle in and you’re done!

The best ideas & motives

Fearsome pumpkin faces are the absolute classic when it comes to hollowing out and carving the popular autumn vegetables. As an alternative to the scary grimace, a pumpkin can also be upgraded with creative Halloween motifs to create a decorative it piece. We present twelve scary designs to scare you with instructions for the necessary first steps.

These twelve Halloween motifs are guaranteed to make your pumpkin a spooky highlight in the dark season:

  1. Bat: Solo or in combination with a ghost castle – the bat is a popular motif, which is ideal as a carving for beginners.
  2. Grinning cat: The mischievous grin makes this motif unmistakable and is not only a must for fans of “Alice in Wonderland”!
  3. Cat: Cute animal carvings are also allowed on Halloween. Above all, the dreaded black cat.
  4. Owl: If you don’t want it to be that scary, but still mysterious, an owl motif for your Halloween pumpkin is just perfect.
  5. Face: The classic variant with sharp teeth looks particularly scary.
  6. Witch: Spooky! Not only are witches extremely popular as costumes on Halloween, they also cut a good figure on the pumpkin.
  7. Harry Potter: Simply magical and a must for your magical Halloween themed party.
  8. Skull: The decorative skull has its origin in Mexico, where it is used to commemorate the deceased on the day of the dead.
  9. Minion: A real good mood motif! Less scary, but for an afternoon of handicrafts with the kids of the cracks.
  10. Ghost: Boo! A classic motif that makes every pumpkin look great with little effort.
  11. Unicorn: Halloween is a mix of ghost train and sugar shock – that’s where the unicorn on the pumpkin makes itself fabulous.
  12. Disney: Child-friendly Disney motifs create a cozy autumn mood.

Bonus tip: This keeps the pumpkin long-lasting

Hollowed out, cut out and richly decorated – but after a few days your pumpkin doesn’t look that creepy anymore? So that you can enjoy your natural Halloween decoration for as long as possible, you should definitely follow a few care tips:

  • Store the pumpkin always cool and dry.
  • Rub the cut edges and the inside of the pumpkin dry. This will prevent mold from forming.
  • In addition, you can use the Halloween pumpkin rinse with vinegar water.
  • You can also edit the edges rub with Vaseline.
  • Hairspray from the outside can also make the pumpkin last longer.
  • Don’t let the candle burn too long – this can also favor mold.

Reading tip: Here’s even more inspiration for Halloween decorations!

With our tips and ideas for pumpkin carving, there is nothing standing in the way of a successful Halloween party. Have fun and scary creep!

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