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Chalkboard decoration for individual decoration


Whether at the wedding, at Christmas or as an eye-catcher in your four walls ─ Chalkboard decoration is currently the number one trend topic. No wonder! Rustic wood and creative lettering make the chalkboard a real eye catcher. In the meantime, writing and painting on boards with chalk or special markers has become a real art. The effective decoration is always beautiful. And the good news for all DIY muffle: Even if you are not blessed with perfect handwriting, you can make a chalk board pretty. Everything is possible with the tips and styling ideas of our interior experts!

Magnetic chalk boards or would you prefer to put them up?

Self-adhesive, magnetic chalk boards are fun for the whole family. Whether for a birthday, as a gift or as a decorative element in the kitchen – the blackboard is definitely a cool eye-catcher. Especially if you have little space on the floor, a blackboard can be a great idea for DIY projects. A table to set up, on the other hand, is perfect if you want to keep integrating the piece of jewelry into your interior.

The perfect place for chalkboard decoration

Chalk board on the wall as decoration

Chalk boards not only look pretty, they are also useful everyday helpers for young and old. To assign the perfect place to the home accessory, you should definitely think about how you want to attach the chalk board. On the wall, a slightly thicker cord can provide optimal support. You are even more flexible with a stand. You can rearrange it to suit your mood.

Chalk board as decoration outside

Whether inside or outside, the chalk board cuts a good figure everywhere and gives the ambience a casual vintage chic. If you want to use your object outdoors, weather-resistant materials are highly recommended. Waterproof chalk pens etc. are ideal so that the lettering does not smear when it rains.

Buy chalk board online: our tips

We’ll tell you what to look for when buying a chalk board:

  • The surface texture should be rough enough so that the chalk has a good grip.
  • For the outdoor area, the chalk board should have weather-resistant and durable materials.
  • Positioning is the be-all and end-all. The chalk board can be attached at eye level with a cord. A practical stand is also suitable for a good hold.

Decoration ideas with chalk boards

Blackboard is not just blackboard! The all-rounder offers countless design and usage options. So if you don’t just want to use your chalkboard for a few doodles, the tips from our interior experts are simply worth their weight in gold. Promised!

Use a chalk board as a photo board

Photos give the room more personality! So why not simply convert a chalk board into a memory board? Adhesive strips make it easy to attach and remove pictures. Set up in the entrance area of ​​your apartment, you can use the memo board as a kind of guest book. Instant camera next to it and your friends and family can immortalize themselves.

Use chalkboard as a calendar

What you don’t have in your head is in your legs or on your blackboard. The fact that the object can be labeled again and again is an advantage that you should take advantage of. Do you have important dates in the coming week? Keep this on the board as a kind of to-do list. Once an open to-do is done, it can easily be checked off or wiped away.

Use chalkboard as inspiration and home decor

Chalk board with Christmas decorations

A chalk board not only serves as an area for important notes, but also gives your home a rustic ambience. Use the decorative element as such. Put the memo board in scene according to the season and decorate it with beautiful home accessories. As a decoration, a chalkboard decoration simply looks pretty in almost any room. Fairy lights, colorful magnets and funny sayings: let your creativity run wild!

Frequently asked questions about chalkboard decoration

Chalk board with a funny saying

There are various ways to label the slate. Of course, chalk can be used in a very classic way. For a particularly beautiful font, chalk markers or chalk pens are much more suitable. With the help of a stencil, you can create a professional looking chalk art without the need for creative or artistic skills.

Chalk markers are simply wiped off the surface with a damp cloth. Chalk markers can also be easily removed with a dry cloth. All-purpose cleaners, alcohol and nail polish removers containing acetone help with waterproof pencils.

Definitely! However, we recommend a writing board and accessories only for children from the age of three. Above all, you should make sure that the memo board has a firm stand so that the little ones can paint on it without any problems.

Is it really true that chalk makes the voice sound higher? There are many myths surrounding this statement. But: eating chalk has absolutely no effect on your own voice. On the way to the stomach, the chalk does not come into contact with the vocal cords.

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