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Cherry blossom decoration – the interior trend


Time for freshness! How can this be done best? With flowers! Cherry blossoms have particularly impressed us at the moment. Did you know that the well-known spring branches in Japan stand for feminine beauty? It is no wonder that we are so taken with the delicacy of the flowers. But a romantic cherry blossom decoration is not only fabulous for the Japanese interior ─ stylishly draped in a vase on the chest of drawers, the flower lends a particular charm to every furnishing style. With the styling ideas of our interior experts, you can bring the cheerful atmosphere of the cherry blossom into your four walls. Whether for Easter, for a birthday or for everyday life Sie let the cherry blossom work in your home!

The most important questions about cherry blossoms

When the cherry blossom tree begins to bloom in the first half of the year, spring finally comes after a cold winter. You will surely have the idyllic picture of a colorful avenue with blooming cherry trees in front of you. We yearn for the delicate flowers every year. In the reticent dusky pink, cherry blossoms mark the beginning of spring, especially in Japan. The blaze of colors shines from white to delicate pink to a sensual violet tone. In some parts of the world, the cherry blossoms even shine in bright white-yellow.

Blooming cherry trees often attract thousands of passers-by in spring. When it is very warm, the cherry blossom branch begins to bloom in mid-April. If it was rather cold, the buds open a little late. However, cherry trees don’t bloom too long. In Germany, we can only enjoy the bright cherry blossoms for about ten days to two weeks.

Nice decoration ideas with cherry blossoms

As soon as the cherry blossom begins to bloom, we are in the mood for sun and colors with a good mood factor! You would love to have a tree like this in your garden. The small flowers that stand for feminine beauty can also be combined very cool at home. And it doesn’t always have to be the girlish ambience! A cherry blossom branch also makes wonderful masculine glam chic. With this look, it’s important that you don’t drift too much in the romantic direction. Pink yes, but not on every corner please! Pick up the delicate tone of the branches with a tablecloth made of sturdy fabric such as linen or cotton. The rest of the decoration can be kept rustic. Ceramic or earthenware dishes, golden cutlery and black color accents are attractive companions for your cherry blossom decoration.

Festive table decoration with cherry blossom branches

A decoration with cherry blossom branches is very popular, especially on special occasions such as weddings or Easter. The delicate flowers look absolutely gorgeous and instantly radiate a romantic, happy spring flair. The cherry blossom doesn’t just have to be draped in a vase! The plant also cuts a fine figure as individual flowers on the table or as a small branch on the plate. The look becomes particularly elegant if you keep vases, tablecloth and table setting all in white and combine elements in light gray. For a somewhat fresher and more playful overall picture, a decoration in light green is an absolute must. Are you organizing a brunch or dinner in the Far East? Must-haves are a linen tablecloth, a small bonsai tree and delicate porcelain, which also features cherry blossom motifs.

Cherry blossom decoration in the bedroom & living room

But the cherry blossom branch can not only be beautifully staged on the dining table. In a noble vase on the bedside table or chest of drawers, the flower becomes an eye-catcher in the bedroom or living room. If you like it a little less, you can decorate the branch with other spring flowers. Magnolias, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are particularly suitable for this and bring a good dose of color to your four walls.

A little hint: It doesn’t always have to be real flowers! Artificial cherry blossoms can also be used for decoration. Artificial flowers have the advantage that they are sustainable and long-lasting. Silk flowers in particular look very elegant and look confusingly similar to their real role models.

DIY: cherry blossom decoration to make yourself

Did you know that you can easily make artificial cherry blossom decorations yourself? All you need is an artificial branch, green, pink and white craft paper (preferably crepe or silk), a craft glue and white pistils.

Matching vases for your cherry blossom decoration

A vase as an accessory is the ultimate must-have to give your cherry blossom decoration the right frame. With appropriate decorative elements that underline the delicate color of the cherry blossom, they are an elegant eye-catcher. Dark vases in black or anthracite contrast with the light pink and give the look an exciting and magical touch. If you would like to have it a bit simpler, you can use a tone-on-tone combination. With a white or pink vase, the style looks grown-up, but still noble and stylish. You get a dreamy boho feeling with a vase in a metal look – this is where Japan and the Orient meet.

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Reading tip: Whether for a wedding, birthday or Easter – floral decorations will upgrade any decoration in a flash! Discover many more ideas and be inspired by our tips!

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