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Concrete decoration: the best ideas & DIYs


The rustic look of concrete is currently the absolute high flyer in terms of design. No matter whether smooth, structured, colored or pure, whether furniture or decoration – the stylish stone mix is ​​currently being reinterpreted by Interior. Not only floors and walls can be embellished in a casual way with the rough structure. Decoration is also given a cool upgrade with concrete. We’ll tell you what you need to know about concrete decoration. Our interior experts will also tell you how to easily decorate elements from the hyped material can do it yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Concrete decoration ideas

Decoration made of concrete is not only on everyone’s lips, but also in all apartments. No wonder! Because contrary to what you might think, concrete decoration fits almost all furnishing styles. The stone mix not only enhances the coarse industrial style, but also harmonizes fabulously with simple interiors in modern chic. In order to get a hint of concrete in your own four walls, you don’t have to renew all of the floors or wallpaper. Spread a rustic flair and complement your decoration with these great eye-catchers!

Storage and organization with concrete decoration

Small but powerful! Concrete decoration is just ideal for stowing away small items that are floating around in proper style. Whether on the shelf, the chest of drawers or as an eye-catcher on the side table ─ delicate concrete vessels ensure order and become an absolute favorite. It also looks great as an accessory in the bathroom for hair bands and bobby pins!

Concrete decoration with planters

Green plants form a top-class symbiosis with concrete-style planters. The fresh green and the rustic style simply complement each other perfectly. With this arrangement, you take a little of the coarseness of the stone mixture and let the decorative piece look modern and light. Concrete decoration with pots on the balcony in a mix with natural materials and rattan furniture is particularly beautiful.

Concrete decorative objects

Decorative objects made of concrete are there to give your own four walls a homely atmosphere. On the shelf in the living room, the cool pieces stylishly upgrade a barely used niche. Concrete decorative objects are also an absolute eye-catcher on the bookshelf. Particularly heavy pieces are also suitable as bookends with a modern flair.

DIY: crafts with concrete

Are you not lacking in creative know-how and manual skills? Class! Then the handicraft ideas of our living experts could be a great leisure activity for you. You can conjure up your very own decorative objects made of concrete in just a few steps. We guide you step-by-step through the instructions ─ so absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Buy kneading concrete and mix

The name suggests: Kneading concrete is a creative concrete for kneading. In contrast to conventional concrete, this mixture can be easily worked with your hands and shaped without a casting mold. Kneaded concrete is ideal for sculpting sculptures by hand. In general, great creations are possible with this creative material, which would not be easily achieved with conventional concrete.

Mix the concrete yourself

You don’t really need much to mix and produce concrete yourself. Most of the things you already have at home.

What you need:

  • cement
  • Fine sand (for example bird sand)
  • Detergent
  • water

Here’s how it works:

  1. step

    Mix sand and cement in equal parts.

  2. step

    Now add around three to five tablespoons of detergent. Basically, the amount of detergent depends on the amount of concrete that you want to mix.

  3. step

    In the last step, add water. We recommend that you only win with a little water and feel your way slowly.

Make concrete decoration yourself

Concrete decoration is particularly easy to make yourself and also looks pretty classy. Give your home an elegant look with our DIY tea lights.

What you need:

  • empty tea light envelopes
  • empty milk carton (clean!)
  • Furniture slip stopper to stick on

Cut off the lid of the milk carton. Now mix the concrete as described above. In the next step, coat the inside of the milk carton with a little oil. Now pour the finished concrete into the milk carton ─ as high as you want the tealight holder to be later. Now you have to be quick: Push the empty tea light into the top. Let it dry well – ideally for several days! For a more even look, you can grind the tealight holder above a little. With slip stoppers on the underside, you prevent scratches from being left on furniture and the like.

Frequently asked questions about tinkering with concrete

In order for you to have something of your self-made concrete decoration for as long as possible, you have to exercise patience. The mixed concrete should be given enough time to dry. Ideally, at least four days are best in a cool, light-protected and dry place.

To give your concrete decoration an individual style, the tinkered pieces can be refined with colorful color and hand-painted patterns. Concrete protective paints based on acrylic are perfect for this. In any case, you should make sure that the concrete has dried thoroughly before painting.

Classic concrete can usually be loaded after 28 days. Basically, larger DIY projects (such as walls or floors) can continue to be processed or charged after this time.

It depends on the material. Because: Concrete is not just concrete! Normal concrete weighs around 2,000 and 2,600 kilograms per cubic meter. In contrast, lightweight concrete weighs less than 2,000 kilograms per cubic meter. The weight for heavy concrete starts at 2,600 kilograms per cubic meter.

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