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Coziness at its best: the fireplace decoration


Especially in the cold season, there is nothing better than relaxing on Sundays on the sofa in front of the fireplace. If the piece of jewelry is also nicely decorated, it will provide our mood with a lot of happiness. But a fireplace is not just a fireplace! Because even interior fans without a built-in fireplace or tiled stove can bring the it piece home with a modern fireplace surround or a stylish fireplace console made of wood. Our living experts have put together great tips for a fireplace decoration with an eye-catcher guarantee. Let yourself be inspired!

Inspirational times: fireplace decoration with pictures

When we think of a fireplace, we have a typical picture in our heads. A cozy living room with a fireplace. The pompous piece of furniture is decorated with many pictures of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In fact, the most varied motifs on your fireplace make a wonderful decoration. Images with a maximum size of 13 x 18 centimeters are ideal for this. Because these can be effectively placed on the fireplace.

Instead, frames and motifs in a larger version are a great idea as wall decorations over the fireplace. For a relaxed atmosphere, you should place the individual picture frames slightly offset and pay attention to a little symmetry. A harmonious overall picture is created when you place a picture with 13 x 18 cm in the middle. Then add the same number of 10 x 15 cm images to the left and right of it. For additional emphasis, use a beautiful wall paint that you put on the wall behind the fireplace.

Pure nature: The rural fireplace decoration

There is hardly a furnishing style that fits as well as a fireplace as the country house chic. Natural materials, lots of wood, bright colors and beautiful decoration – the fireplace decoration in a rural look is an eye-catcher. If you would like to embellish your fireplace surround with natural-pur decoration, plants are the be-all and end-all. Whether in modern planters or as fresh cut flowers in the most beautiful vase from our online shop – your fireplace will be the ultimate eye-catcher. Rustic candle holders made of wood with white glaze score with an irresistible charm. Images on the mantelpiece with personal motifs in rough frames are also always beautiful – also for country style.

Lights! Fireplace decoration with candles

A fireplace creates a romantic atmosphere even when the good piece is no longer in use. The It-Piece can also be wonderfully illuminated with all sorts of candles. For the right look, you can place candles on the shelf as well as in the fireplace. It is only important that you pay attention to the necessary security! Block candles should therefore always find enough space on a fireproof surface. For a trendy vintage look, you can then decorate lanterns or lanterns on old books in the fireplace. No matter what you choose, it will definitely be cozy. Promised!

Every year again! Seasonal fireplace decoration

The fireplace is the central piece of furniture in your living room all year round. Depending on the season, this key piece can be nicely equipped and staged effectively. Whether for Easter, Halloween or Christmas – your fireplace always looks good with decoration.

  • At Easter: The first warm sunbeams break through the gray cloud cover and the birds start chirping happily! Now it can finally be a bit more colorful in your own four walls. Colorful garlands and rustic hazelnut branches in your favorite vase, which are decorated with self-designed Easter eggs, are suitable as fireplace decorations for Easter. You can also create a beautiful ambience with moss and wooden figures in rabbit style. At Easter we celebrate not only the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also the arrival of spring. Natural materials are therefore essential.
  • In the autumn: Pumpkin not only tastes incredibly delicious, but also heralds autumn and the scary Halloween night. This distinctive vegetable also makes a lot of decorative things. With cheeky faces that you carve into the pumpkins and flickering candlelight, the whole room is illuminated. And the fireplace and decorations here provide a real wow moment. Skeleton garlands, decorative spider webs and black candles form the basis for a creepy fireplace decoration.
  • For Christmas:
    Of course, the fireplace can also be used and decorated in the classic way for Christmas. Santa stockings are always beautiful, you can attach them to the fireplace and fill them with sweet treats for your loved ones. Ornate lanterns with white block candles and a red velvet bow spread a festive mood and warm the hearts. A wreath of fir branches smells wonderful – Christmas is not far away with this fireplace decoration.

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