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Craspedia: Spring fever for your home


The color yellow stands for positivity and joie de vivre. This is also embodied by the yellow flowers of the Craspedia. Bring a good mood into your home with her! The Craspedia has a pleasantly light and fruity scent and is suitable for every living area. Because of its bobble-like flower, it is also known as “drumstick” or “drumstick”. Drumsticks are real summer flowers and bloom well into frost. Whether outdoors or indoors: the yellow flowers are a highlight everywhere. You can find out what you need to know about the Craspedia and how to properly care for and decorate it here with us.

The most important facts about the Craspedia

Craspedia, which comes from Australia and New Zealand, is one of the daisy family and is characterized above all by its long shelf life and unique flower shape.

Here you can see the most important facts of Craspedia at a glance:

Graphic Craspedia the most important facts

Planting Craspedia: Here’s how!

You can get drumsticks in nurseries as a seed or as a plant in a pot.

If you want to plant yourself, the yellow flowers prefer to grow in pots or boxes. It is best to use the ice saints as a guide when planting. Because as soon as the ice saints have bloomed, the Craspedia can be planted.

Important: Remember that drumsticks are annual and will not bloom the following year.

Planting Craspedia – this is how it works!

  1. step

    When planting, make sure that the soil is well drained and airy. Potting soil is best.

  2. step

    Plant the seeds in groups in the ground and cover them with a layer of soil.

  3. step

    Water the seeds regularly until they bloom.

Tip: If you add long-term fertilizers while planting, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers until frost.

If you prefer the craspedia as a cut flower in the vase, cut off the blossoms that have already opened at the lower end of the stem. Because once the flower has been cut off, it will no longer bloom in the vase.

Portrait of drumsticks

Maintain the Craspedia properly

Drumsticks get along well with drought. You should therefore water them in moderation and make sure that the water in the bucket can drain off well, as they do not like waterlogging.

Decoration ideas Craspedia

We will show you the most beautiful decoration ideas for the Craspedia in your home and how versatile it is. Because the pompom-like flower can be decorated in different ways.

Craspedia decoration ideas for your home

With their yellow flowers they are a great eye-catcher in every colorful bouquet. Drumsticks can especially be used with White, Pink, purple and dark colors combine beautifully. However, a Craspedia bouquet also looks great on its own. If you want, you can thicken the bouquet with salal, eucalyptus or pistachio green.

Simple vases are suitable for this. Put on glass vases or white vases.

Whether in the living room, dining area or entrance area – drumsticks are a great eye-catcher everywhere! A bouquet with drumsticks also looks very pretty on a sideboard or dresser.

Tip: Also as Houseplants they can be seen.

Craspedia as a dried flower

Drumsticks are particularly suitable as dried flowers and are also sustainable and stylish. So if you have a Craspedia bouquet, hang it upside down to dry.

Once your flowers have dried you can bring them with you Pampas grass, dried lavender or dried Gypsophila combine. Use beige and cream tones when decorating your dried flowers.

Tip: A bouquet of dried flowers looks particularly impressive in a floor vase.

Wreaths with craspedia

A wreath of flowers looks inviting on the front door or in the entrance area and exudes a spring-like freshness! Drumsticks can also be beautifully tied into wreaths.

They come into their own with eucalyptus and blue thistle. Put on the wreath colors with the yellow eye-catcher green, White and violet.

Flower wreath on wood

Craspedia decoration ideas for balconies and terraces

Drumsticks also look particularly beautiful on the balcony or terrace in combination with daisies, asters or peonies. But they harmonize best with other drought-loving plants such as sage or Geraniums.

We hope we could inspire you to decorate with the Craspedia. Check out our article on yellow flowers too! If you are looking for further inspiration, you will find further articles about decoration with flowers and everything about garden design.

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