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Decorate sled: Christmas decorations with a difference


When Christmas is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas decorations at home. We associate many beautiful things with winter. Sledges, pine cones, snow or even stars make your home wintry from the inside without appearing cool. And while it gets colder outside and the first snowflakes fall, we look forward to a warm and cozy home. Winter and Christmas are valuable times at the end of each year. Make yourself beautiful – decorate with sledges!

Because a decorative sleigh can evoke different associations: We remember a wild sleigh ride or even Santa’s wooden sleigh. Decoration and Christmas time are also very important to us at Westwing. Therefore, we would like to help you with various living ideas and inspirations to create a wonderful Christmas and let the year end with pleasure.

Tip: Keep your eyes open for real vintage decorative wooden sleds from the flea market or from your parents’ cellar. This ensures that extra portion of nostalgia.

Tips for decorative sleds for outdoors

Christmas offers almost endless ideas for your decoration. Sledges are a popular decoration in the home garden. As with every accessory in the garden, you have to pay attention to weatherproof materials. A decorative sledge also makes a beautiful statement when placed in front of the front door. To spice up a simple wooden sledge, you can quickly conjure up a festive eye-catcher with Christmas accessories. Fir branches, bows and fairy lights give your entrance area a nostalgic flair. Even unusual decorative items such as gloves or nostalgic ice skates can be attached to the decorative sled. The more individual, the better!

Decorate sled: A real eye-catcher even in the house

But you can just as well decorate your rooms inside your home with a decorative sledge. Depending on the size, you can position it differently. A small wooden sledge, for example, can find space on a windowsill in your living room next to snow globes, angels or deer. Larger versions look particularly good in the entrance area. Of course you can also place your poinsettia or other accessories on it. With a decorative sled there are no limits to your creative scope!

Decorate sled: 5 great ideas

In addition to classic Christmas decorations, there are of course other ideas that will put your sled in the limelight. And all winter long! We tell you our top 5 tips:

Decorate the sled with plants

Do you have a lot of potted plants and not enough floor space? Great, because that’s where the sled comes in! No matter whether on the seat or with the sled on the built-in cross boards – this footprint is an eye-catcher!

The sledge as a coffee table or bench

If you want to put your Christmas decoration sled into the focus of your festive design, we have an extra tip for you. Simply replace your coffee table with a sleek sled during Christmas. A festive atmosphere in your living room is guaranteed. However, it should be large enough to carry your usual accessories such as scented candles and coffetable books. In this way, the wooden sledge decoration is easily integrated into your living style and at the same time exudes Christmas flair. The alternative: Use it as a bench by placing a cozy faux fur and / or pillow on it!

Pink Christmas tree in artificial snow and decorative sleigh

Use the sled as a shelf for vases & Co.

If you are a fan of decoration and have not yet found the right space for one or the other piece, the sled is the solution here too! Set him up and attach boards. Then use this as shelf space!

For the evening: Decorate the sledge with fairy lights

The most beautiful decoration for the sledge: lighting with all kinds of fairy lights! You can use the slide horizontally or vertically for this. You can also use a tray with plenty of candles horizontally as a romantic decoration. The main thing is that a light comes on!

DIY: Decorate the sled with the eucalyptus garland

Sledge: decoration in a wide variety of shapes and colors

Decorative sledges come in many different shapes and colors. Most of the time, the main part of the sled is made of wood, which has been painted differently. White, brown or black: the choice is yours. Depending on the atmosphere of your room, you can decide whether a light or dark decorative wooden sledge can optimize your room.

Colorful decorative sleds can also be wonderfully decorated. Is your favorite color not available? Simply make your own decorative sledge yourself! It is best to use a white sled and the paint color of your choice! A nice eye-catcher are wooden sledges with runners made of black or white painted metal. If the wood has a light color, there is a nice contrast.

Vintage, classic or modern: there are also different shapes. Find your favorite in different styles!

Step by step to a DIY vintage sled

Are you still looking for a craft project for the Christmas season? Then a sled as a decoration is the perfect choice for you. Here we explain how you can design such a sled in no time:

  1. step

    You will need these materials: saw, hammer and nails, sandpaper, some cut wood, cord, color of your choice.
    Draw the shape of the runners on a large piece of wood.

  2. step

    Draw the shape of the runners on a large piece of wood. For the extra portion of vintage charm, we recommend rails with rounded ends.

  3. step

    After sawing out, you need two struts that keep the runners in shape and at a suitable distance.

  4. step

    After you have attached your construction, only the wooden seat cover is missing. You can easily attach these to the struts and curves with a hammer and nails using old wooden planks.

  5. step

    Now it’s time to decorate! There are no limits to your creativity here. Let off steam to your heart’s content with the colors and patterns of your choice.

Danger: This sledge decoration is nice to look at, but not suitable for the toboggan run. For this, you should rather resort to a purchased sled.

There are many ideas for your Christmas decoration. Wooden sledges create a particularly beautiful atmosphere. Try it!

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