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Decorate the glass vase


Regardless of the season or the occasion, the glass vase is like a chameleon that constantly adapts to your decoration concept. In addition, the glass vase is a very special gift that can be turned into a real eye-catcher in just a few simple steps. Especially natural if you decorate a large glass vase! Do you appreciate good interior design tips and like to be inspired by new style worlds? Let yourself be inspired by our tips, tricks and advice on new decoration adventures and craft ideas!

Top 7 ideas for decorating a glass vase

A glass vase can be decorated in many different ways. Easter eggs, roses or Christmas baubles: use the versatility of the glass vase. Decorate according to the season or the festival. But there are many more options and arrangements. All year round, glass vases also look great as planters. We also have ideas for what you can use the glass vase for. Especially when decorating large glass vases, you have several options. Curious; excited? Then have fun reading:

Decorate the glass vase – suitable for the occasion or season

In the course of our lives we experience many important occasions. This includes baptism, confirmation, wedding, birthdays and family celebrations. You can decorate your glass vase for any occasion. No matter how you imagine this special day, the contents of the glass vase can be exchanged as you wish. Be creative. A glass vase gives you the decorative scope you have always wanted. Maybe you like candles, fresh flowers, stones or branches. There are many different ways to stage a glass vase in a stylish way. Different layers are also possible in the glass vase. At festive occasions you want to decorate the glass vase so that it underlines the decoration concept and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

For a seasonal design, however, the decorative elements are clear:

  • Spring & Easter: Spring flowers such as tulips, squirrels, Easter eggs, moss and small rabbits or chicks are suitable for decoration. Easter eggs are also classic. For example, choose a white egg, which you skillfully stage in the middle on green moss. Choose wicker eggs in combination with a white rose or let white tulips bloom from white and brown Easter eggs.
  • Summer: Colorful flowers, shells, sand, fruits – everything that reminds you of a holiday is the perfect glass vase decoration!
  • Autumn: Foliage, berries, branches and chestnuts, driftwood or autumn flowers like the autumn anemone are ideal. Collect the decorative utensils from nature for your decorative glass vases.
  • Winter and Christmas: Artificial snow, pine branches, pine cones and a little glitter sweeten cold days in a glass vase. But you also cannot avoid Christmas tree balls. Use golden Christmas decorations to decorate your glass vase and make it glow.

Decorative glass vases as table decorations

Long dining table with beige chairs and a small vase on the table

An arrangement of decorative glass vases is particularly wonderful as a stylish eye-catcher on the table. You can adjust the color of the glass vases to match the rest of the table decoration such as the napkins, coasters, the tablecloth or the tea service. In autumn and winter, for example, darker tones, muted colors and earthy nuances go very well. At Christmas it can be a little more glamor in the form of glitter. In the warm months, you can rely on bright, cheerful color compositions that radiate a good mood. If you place a flower table decoration in the middle of your dining table in the glass, you should make sure that the plants are not too high. You should still be able to see your conversation partner and have a conversation. Now there is nothing standing in the way of decorating the dining room or living room!

Vase decoration in green

Decorate the large glass vase or arrange glass vases together

Looking for a mega eye-catcher? Then you should decorate a large glass vase. Here you should choose particularly long-stemmed flowers or particularly long branches. Also an eye-catcher for decorating a large vase: XL pampas grass! This makes the arrangement very beautiful as a floor vase. Another option is to combine different shapes and sizes of your decorative glass vases. Individual flowers and branches that you distribute on the different glass vases are particularly suitable here.

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