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Decorating a branch: the most beautiful ideas


Bring a piece of nature into your home with decorative branches and twigs! No other decoration radiates warmth and security. And it is also incredibly versatile: as a spring or Christmas decoration, on the table or at the window. So keep your eyes open on the next walk in the forest! Did you find the perfect copy? We show you how to decorate a branch and integrate it into your room concept. Let yourself be inspired!

Decorate with branches and branches

When it comes to decorative branches and twigs, do you immediately think of Christmas decorations? With colorful flowers in spring and colorful autumn leaves, they will enchant you all year round! Let your furnishing style decide which branch decoration suits you best.

Which branch suits me?

The choice of the decorative branch depends on your interior concept and the season. Summer moves in with a birch branch. With its characteristic white bark, it harmonises with a light interior and blue decoration. The decoration with driftwood that you will find on the beach or on the banks of the river is just as convincing. Give this with a white color the rough used look that is characteristic of the maritime interior style.

The classic decoration at Easter involves pussy willows: the filigree plant with its velvety flowers heralds spring. As a woven wicker basket or decorative branch with self-painted Easter eggs. The pussy willow is replaced by the apple blossom or cherry blossom branch, the white and pink flowers of which enchant without additional decoration.

Rosehip, barbara branches, beech branches and horse mackerel are suitable for the cold season. The rose hips take up the orange of the other autumn decorations, the white Barbara blossoms harmonize with elegant Christmas decorations in gold and silver.

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