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Decorating a cake stand: the most beautiful ideas


A true all-rounder is hidden behind the cake stand. Because it can be used practically anywhere in your own four walls. Whether on the table or as a decorative element in the bathroom. Both sweet tarts and hearty finger food find a nice place on a stylish cake stand. If you are still looking for a stylish storage for your jewelry or perfumes, then a cake stand is also a nice alternative to classic boxes. Our interior experts will give you great tips on how to decorate your cake stand in a particularly beautiful way!

What is the cake stand?

The term etagere comes from the French (étagère) and means something like “rack”. It has classic white two to three levels or floors and is made of porcelain. The levels are connected in the middle and become smaller at the top. Nowadays, there are also etageres in oval or angular as well as made of wood or metal. And now there are no limits to your imagination!

The DIY cake stand

You don’t have a cake stand yet and would still like to try out our ideas? Then we have two ideas for you!

  • The cake stand made of cake platters: Simply place two different sized cake plates on top of each other. Then it says: decorate!
  • The tiered cake stand: Choose plates in three different sizes. Put the largest one out and put a bowl upside down or a candlestick on it. Then you can place the next smaller plate on it and place an inverted bowl or a candlestick on it. Now crown your DIY cake stand with the smallest plate. Now you can start with the etagere decoration.

3 ideas from Delia for decorating a cake stand

Decorate the cake stand with food

Yummy! A cake stand is the perfect companion for an afternoon coffee. Or just the right place for the finger food for the next birthday party. On this, for example, the Sunday breakfast can also be served in bed in a particularly noble manner.

In addition to cupcakes, meringues, cookies and other sweet pastries, savory snacks can also be staged on the cake stand. Make sure you decorate from large to small. In other words: the heavy groceries come to the lowest level of the cake stand, the lighter delicacies are best found at the top. This also ensures a harmonious overall appearance.

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