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Decorating a shelf: the best ideas & tips!


Organization and style are closely related. A pleasant basic order, sweetened with a little personality, results in the perfect shelf decoration. Turn your shelf with beautiful accessories into a unique eye catcher! Whether in the living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen ─ an open shelf can always be beautifully decorated without being messy. Appealingly designed, give your favorite decorative treasures and personal memorabilia a worthy place on your shelf. Discover the decorating ideas of our interior experts and be inspired!

The different types of shelves and how to decorate them

  • There are floating shelves relationship white Wall shelveswhich, as the name suggests, are only attached to the wall and do not touch the floor. Since they are usually small, they are only suitable for smaller decorative elements and plants.
  • There are classic ones bookshelves – here it is recommended to really decorate with books. Arrange them according to colors and drape them visually. Of course, other decorative objects can complement the arrangement.
  • Also Kitchen shelves are an important element in the home. Arrange your kitchen items decoratively and set accents with decorative accessories.
  • There is the popular one String shelf. You can make this yourself flexible. We recommend using it for books, pure decoration or plants.
  • Modular shelf are particularly practical. Like the string shelf, they can be flexibly arranged and designed. You are just as flexible in its design.
  • At free standing shelves special care must be taken that they look good on both sides. For this, also choose suitable decorative objects!
  • Shelves are particularly popular shelves in the living room and are sometimes supplemented with a television. Here too you have a free hand. Just don’t overload the large shelf.
  • A Pocket shelf is particularly practical for small rooms or as a supplement. Use it also for smaller decorations.
  • Shelves from wine boxes are particularly popular as DIY shelves for a cool or natural touch – decorate them that way too! With plants or decorative objects made of metal as a contrast.

Tips and rules for decorating the shelf

Similar tips apply to decorating shelves as to decorating a chest of drawers:

  • Less is more: Never overload shelves – too much looks messy quickly.
  • Flowers and plants always go: Because they give every apartment a natural touch and are therefore always welcome.
  • Arrange in groups: Groups of similar accessories, elements of the same size or in similar colors ensure harmony. You can also set topics for this.
  • Melon rule: Decorative objects should be at least the size of a melon. Then every element gets the appropriate attention and does not perish.
  • Uneven numbers: An odd number can always be arranged cooler and looks more attractive to the viewer.
  • For mixing: Combine patterns, colors and materials. This is the only way your shelf will not look boring in the end.
  • Stow: Many small or less decorative elements also want a place on your shelf? Then pack them in a nice storage box or in a basket!

Accessories options for decorating shelves

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