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Decorating a tray: the best ideas!


A tray or a bowl can not only be used perfectly for serving, but also for decorating and storing. With few accessories and a few simple steps, you can stylishly combine use and decoration. Give your tray a new, practical and decorative use. Do you fancy great DIY ideas? Then be happy to be inspired by our ideas. Our interior experts will give you how-tos and DIY tips that will make your home even more beautiful!

Decorate the decorative tray yourself

Our decorating ideas are simple, functional and also ensure a wow effect in your home. The most important thing? A tray – it holds our most beautiful little things together and looks nice and neat. Since not all glam girls are eccentric color lovers – there are an infinite number of styles for which our tray decoration works. No matter whether you are a hippie, minimalist or vintage fan – your own personal touch is what defines the look of your tray decoration. Whether you want to design a beautiful candle tray or a decorative tray, do you fancy some cool DIY projects? Then let yourself be inspired by our creative decoration ideas for your tray!

Decorate the perfume tray

Pink tray on the living room table in the living room

Who says perfumes are in the closet? We certainly don’t! We love our pretty bottles and we want to show them too. Learn here how you can use your favorite vial as a decoration.

What you need for this:

  • a scented candle
  • a mug for jewelry
  • a personal accessory like a notebook
  • fresh flowers
  • a decorative tray

That’s how it’s done:

  1. step

    The tray forms the basis for this DIY decoration.

  2. step

    In the next step, arrange your most beautiful perfume bottles on the tray.

  3. step

    Arrange a great scented candle, a few personal accessories and your favorite flowers on it. And this pretty tray decoration is already impressive!

Who says perfumes are in the closet? We certainly don’t! We love our pretty bottles and we want to show them too. Learn here how you can use your favorite vial as a decoration.

Decorate the tray with sticker tiles

Quick transformation! Following this motto, we will show you how to transform a simple wooden serving tray with colorful sticker tiles into an individual interior piece.

What you need for this:

  • a serving tray
  • self-adhesive tiles in a beautiful pattern
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • spatula

That’s how it’s done:

First you have to measure the wooden tray exactly so that you can get the sticker tiles according to the proportions. Now divide the tray into four equal parts with a pencil and ruler. Glue on the first tile in the first quarter and use the spatula to ensure that no bubbles form. In the same way, the three other quarters are each equipped with a tile sticker. Make sure that the transition from the pattern fits perfectly. Excess material can be removed from the sides with the cutter. For the corners, stick on the sticker tiles and also cut off the excess material. You should work precisely and glue evenly in the corners. Smooth everything out again and your wooden tray has become an individual piece of jewelery thanks to the sticker tiles.

DIY jewelry storage: tray decoration

Rings, chains, bracelets, earrings and many other great pieces of jewelry have accumulated over the years and also want to be kept nice. We show you how you can create your individual jewelry storage in just a few steps.

What you need for this:

  • Decorative tray
  • fresh flowers
  • Glass jars
  • different ceramics

That’s how it’s done:

Arrange the different glass jars on the tray.
Fill three of them with your jewelry. You can either store it separately or together in combinable style options.
In the next step, fill your ceramic vessel with water, which serves as a small vase.
Then put the fresh flowers in the vase and arrange them on the tray as well.
You can then drape your jewelry tray on a dresser or sideboard as a great eye-catcher.

Decorate the tray seasonally

Close-up of white tray with glasses

Trays not only create order, they are often used for decorative purposes. Depending on the season, you can conjure up visual themed islands and set the scene for your decorative bowl seasonally.

A little hint: Brass harmonizes particularly well with warm tones such as red, pink or pink. A decorative tray made of stainless steel or aluminum is the right choice if you find a lot of blue, turquoise or petrol in your home.

Tray decoration in autumn

If there is something that should not be missing in terms of decoration in autumn, these are bright orange pumpkins. Small ornamental gourds are simply fabulous as a magnificent grouping on a golden decorative bowl. Nothing more is needed here! If you want to pimp the autumnal tray decoration a little, you can create a harmonious ambience with a string of lights. Also looks great as a table decoration!

Tray decoration for Christmas

Tray with candles on windowsill

For a winter tray decoration, especially silver and white are just perfect as a timeless combination. The two nuances are always up to date and fit almost every living style. With flickering candlelight, you not only create a calm atmosphere on the decorative tray. They spread a feeling of warmth and security throughout the room. Natural materials such as cones, anise stars, cinnamon sticks and small fir branches are also very beautiful. Arrange them together in a bowl. If you want, you can use the decorative bowl as a table decoration for the Advent coffee, for example!

Tray decoration in spring and summer

Tray of candles on pink plaid on a couch

Colorful flowers are an absolute must in spring and summer. It goes without saying that they can also be used for your tray decoration in spring or Easter. Pretty harbingers of spring, such as crocuses and snowdrops or hyacinth, are particularly suitable. But you can also show off tulips, peonies and daffodils on your decorative tray. In combination with pretty candle holders and a soothing scented candle, this tray decoration is the highlight on your coffee table or next to the bed in the bedroom.

Wooden trays go particularly well with country-style or Scandi chic furnishings. For example, arrange beautiful candles in white on a wooden tray. The nicely decorated candle tray will look great in the living room as well as in any other living room. And the decoration is not too intrusive!

Looking for a nice decoration for the tray?

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