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Decorating windows: our most beautiful ideas


Decorating and redesigning is a lot of fun! Decorating the apartment according to the season opens up many possibilities. Green buds and pussy willow are perfect for spring. Flowers and colored paper let summer move into your home. Leaves and berries are for fall and Christmas decorations are ideal in winter. With decorating windows you can get in the mood for the facets of the changing seasons. So let yourself be inspired by our experts!

17 ideas for decorating windows

We have collected the most beautiful inspirations from nature and reveal the most beautiful ideas to you. If you decorate an atmospheric setting on the window in the kitchen or living room, you create a beautiful eye-catcher – inside and outside! Because the wonderful thing about window decorations is that you can not only look at them from the inside, but also from the outside! You can make your neighbors or yourself happy with a pretty window decoration. If you can see the window decoration from the outside every evening when you come home, you will be delighted at the sight. A beautiful party decoration is a showcase for your decorative arts and the alpha and omega of a cozy living room!

Decorate window pictures to the window

Do you only know window pictures from children’s rooms? But they are also a nice way to make the living room seasonal. Especially at Easter there are very cute models, but the window film can also provide the right atmosphere at Christmas. Butterflies and flowers are also spring-like, and you can leave them sticking until late summer! Alternatively, you can paint the panes with window paint or make motifs out of paper and attach them with adhesive strips.

Mini garden: decorate the window from the outside and inside with plants or flowers

Flowers are probably the friendliest and prettiest decorative object there is! And they bring nature into the 4 walls. You should therefore create a decorative look with a beautiful flower box on the outside or decorate your window sill with flower pots and vases on the inside. PS: It can be nice and colorful here! And especially when decorating glass vases. Flowers are of course also the number 1 for decorating the balcony or designing the terrace. But succulent decorations and cacti are also very trendy at the moment and are real eye-catchers in beautiful pots and vases. An urban jungle on the windowsill is also the ideal replacement for a mini garden if you don’t have a balcony. Find out what is behind the urban gardening trend!

Windowsill decoration all in white

Windowsill with white decoration and scented candle

White is particularly reserved and elegant. This decoration is particularly suitable for a minimalist furnishing style. Tip: The objects of the window sill decoration should have different sizes. Mix books with a candle and a slightly larger decorative object or a decorative animal and you create an exciting look. It works just as well with a decoration in black or gray with the clean decoration look on the windowsill.

Decorate the windowsill with colorful vases and katuses

Would you like some color and summery vibes in front of the window? Then colorful vases in combination with real katuses or small cactus figures are just the right thing as a window sill decoration. Just pay attention to a color harmony between the vases and the cactus. The arrangement can be supplemented with a fresh bouquet of flowers in the color of your choice.

Decorate the windowsill with decoration in the glass

Decoration in a glass is a great idea to showcase beautiful little things like stones, shells or miniature plants. In addition to empty bottles for decoration or glass containers, you can also use our pretty sun glass. Because that also ensures that your decoration is illuminated in the evening! Tip: It is especially nice if you arrange several glasses on a tray!

Hanging window decorations

Windowsill with lights as decoration

Many different decorative objects are suitable for a hanging window decoration. How about hanging pots as a hanging basket, a chain of lights, a macramé, a mobile or a beautiful garland? But a paper star that hangs on the window handle also looks good as a hanging window decoration at any time of the year. You can also opt for lights with extra long cables – as an alternative to a chain of lights.

Cozy corner: decorate a seat by the window

A seat by the window is not only ideal for cozy hours to read and drink coffee, it also looks pretty decorative. All you need for this are lots of cozy pillows, a nice tray as a storage space and of course a wide window sill. Tip: Wide window sills can also be extended as a table and pimped with table decorations! Or you can then use it as a bedside table in the bedroom.

Decorate the windowsill with cozy candles

Window sill decorated with flowers and candles

Nothing looks cozier than candles – especially in the evening. Therefore, this decoration is particularly suitable for the living room and bedroom. It is best to arrange a whole group of candles on your window sill. You can also mix candles in candlesticks, scented candles in glass and pure wide candles. These also look great on a decorative tray!

Decorate the windowsill with memorabilia

Windowsill decorative memorabilia with black armchair

In addition to the classic decorative elements, the windowsill can also be used as a stage for beautiful mementos. In addition to pictures and holiday souvenirs, flea market finds also find a suitable place here. Or you can decorate the window sills with photos from your wedding or other beautiful family celebrations, for example.

Decorative privacy screen: curtains and drapes to decorate

Close up of curtains hanging on the window

Sliding curtains, Roman blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds or drapes, curtains … the choice is huge! And they can be more than just privacy screens. Because the different designs nowadays also serve as window decorations. Choose a pretty decorative element for your windows from different fabrics and many color and pattern options! In this way, you can make your home more comfortable and beautiful – all year round. Round off the look with a matching, beautiful curtain rod – it will be harmonious!

Decorate windows in spring

When we think of spring, we think of the warm rays of the sun, blooming flowers and magnificent colors – simply pure joy! And this variety of colors and joie de vivre should ideally be reflected in your window decorations. Decorate your window with cat-willow branches, fresh tulips or spring wreaths. Because many natural elements and light nuances should dominate here! But even at Easter, the window sills cannot stay bare. Easter bunnies and Easter eggs are not only found in the table decorations. How about you decorate them on the windowsill too?

Decorate windows in autumn

Windowsill decoration autumnal with pillows, furs, flowers

In autumn it is slowly becoming more comfortable. The best way to create the decoration is with natural elements such as branches, leaves, pine cones, chestnuts, berries or moss. Just hang a small branch with a few berries on the window with a thin ribbon. Another variant would be to drape moss with tea lights and twigs in a simple vase. Or you can cover your table with some leaves and combine that with candles. In autumn, nature offers you numerous options for beautiful decorations. Pumpkin decorations are also particularly popular in autumn. Whether on its own or as a colorful combination with moss and pine cones – autumn is also dominated by natural decorations on the windowsill. Discover more inspiration for the autumn decoration!

Decorating windows for Christmas

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