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Decoration trend: decorate wooden bowl


Whether summer or winter, modern or antique: wooden bowls are a decorative classic! Due to their variety of shapes, they correspond to every furnishing style and offer the perfect basis for atmospheric home accessories.
Let yourself be inspired by the tips and styling ideas of our interior experts. We show you how to decorate your wooden bowl – for every occasion and every season!

Decorate apartment with wooden bowls

Wooden bowls inspire with their naturalness and versatility. Made of light wood, they go well with modern furnishings, decorative bowls made of dark wood go well with nostalgic and classic living styles. Rectangular wooden bowls with a high-gloss look are popular in modern homes. Their straightforward design harmonizes with the clean lines of the interior. In white, gray or black, decorative bowls take up the prevailing colors in the room and do not steal the show from the rest of the decorative elements. The color transition from the white wooden tray to the equally white candle is beautiful. If you arrange lanterns in a metal mix, the bowl decoration looks glamorous.

Decorate your home in Scandinavian or country style instead with light wooden bowls in white, pastel and wood tones. Their delicate colors are characteristic of these natural home styles. A fruit bowl made of exotic mango wood creates a homely atmosphere at the dining room table. Do you love the combination of light wood and white? Then a decorative bowl made of white lacquered wood picks it up. Bowls and trays made of darker teak or walnut wood, on the other hand, look classy. Classic furnishing styles such as French or British cannot do without it – the wood nuances fit perfectly with the antique furniture.

Decorate the wooden bowl seasonally

Wooden bowls are always in high season! Whether you decorate the wooden bowl in autumn, for Christmas or Easter: it is suitable for any arrangement. The decoration placed on it decides whether the decorative bowl is festive, minimalistic or natural.

Decorate wooden bowl: spring and summer

In spring and especially at Easter the house decoration is colorful! A wooden bowl is the modern alternative to the Easter basket. Fill them with colored eggs, rich decorative grass and dry flowers.

The summer announce wooden bowls, which you fill with fresh fruits. Juicy apples, pears and plums in a wooden basket are the best decoration for the kitchen! Their warm yellow, orange and red tones are particularly beautiful. Pick them up in red home accessories and sun-yellow table linen. The round wooden fruit bowl is a classic, oval and rectangular appear modern. What they all have in common is the robustness of their material: this makes wooden bowls a companion for many summers.

Decorate wooden bowl: autumn

Wooden bowl decorate autumn with dried fruits and pine cones

Orange and brown tones dominate autumn. What could be better than a wooden decorative bowl? Put together a decoration from dried orange slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and small decorative pumpkins. A treat for the eyes, but also for the nose: oranges like cinnamon exude their intense, autumnal fragrance. The chic variant are scented candles and diffusers, which enchant with the same flavors. Arrange them together on a wooden tray with decorative moss and corkscrew branches.

Decorate wooden bowl: winter

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