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Decorative bottles: DIYs and tips


The bottle is our friend not only on hot summer days. It is traditionally responsible for our (cold) beverage supply all year round and is made of glass, the more elegant variant of the plastic models. But glass bottles can do much more. Who would have thought that, they are also a cool decorative object! We have numerous decorative ideas with bottles for you so that the decorative bottles do not remain hollow. With it, you can easily and quickly stage your apartment in the spotlight!

The decorative bottle as a practical kitchen addition

Are you a spice fan? Then you should also present your taste heroes beautifully! Pouring them into small bottles for decoration is a particularly appealing variant. You can then arrange them nicely according to colors. Glass containers and glass bottles are generally perfect for storing food as opposed to plastic because they do not contain any harmful substances. At the same time, it also looks more valuable ─ So you can optimally set up your kitchen shelf.

Basically, the following applies to all spices and seasonings: For a long-lasting aroma, they should

  • dark
  • airtight
  • dry
  • cool

…be kept. The bright glass can be decorated with pretty banderoles, so the contents remain aromatic for a long time. A piece of sheet film as a label is also particularly practical. The self-adhesive black film can be labeled with chalk and easily removed with a damp cloth.

Back to nature: decorative bottles as small vases

A meadow flower is often underestimated – especially if it is draped in a nice little decorative vase. You can use the decorative bottle just as well for small plant offshoots or seasonal decorative branches such as squirrels for Easter.

When using plants in the decorative bottle, it looks particularly nice if you give the decorative bottle a modern natural look. This works very easily with a sisal tape and some double-sided adhesive tape.

How to give your decorative bottle modern natural flair:

  1. step

    Cut off so much of the double-sided tape that you can use it to encircle the bottle and attach it to it.

  2. step

    Then wrap the sisal tape around it in tight rows.

  3. step

    If you like, you can put other elements such as small leaves or artificial flowers between the tape and the adhesive tape.

Your little vase of a special kind is ready and can also be used as a sweet table decoration!

More glow: decorative bottles as lighting elements

Glass elements are perfect for staging light. There are two variants for the bottle light:

  1. The decorative bottle as a candle holder
  2. The decorative bottle with fairy lights inside

With the candle holder variant, it should be borne in mind that the candle has the suitable size for the decorative bottle. If you want to spare the decorative bottle, use a wax catcher or a candle cuff. Alternatively, the wax can be frozen, melted or removed by scraping it off flat surfaces such as the bottle.

The second variant is as easy as it is beautiful. Ideally, you only need a string of lights with copper-wired lights and low heat emission as an accessory. Flexible copper wire is easy to bend and shape, so the string of lights easily fits in the bottle. The result is pleasantly subtle lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere and is also great for the garden.

Decorative bottle with winter decoration

Decorative bottles as room fragrance containers

Would you like to keep your room scent beautiful? Our decorative bottles are also perfect for this! They give a lot of visuals as home accessories – pretty fragrant! You can either refill a purchased room fragrance or try our DIY. This is also great as a personal gift.

For 100 ml fragrance you need:

  • Nice vials
  • 70 ml water
  • 10 ml alcohol (over 50%)
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil, depending on your individual taste
  • Food coloring to taste

Simply mix all the ingredients together in the selected decorative bottle! Of course, you can also decorate the vials with beautiful ribbons or a personal message if it is a gift.

DIY: Maritime decorative bottles

Do you fancy the sea? We too, always! For a bit of a maritime atmosphere at home, we shake a creative idea up our sleeve. The decorative bottles with sea breeze included are very easy:

  • Pour sand into the vial
  • In addition, you can put on small shells or put a small plastic palm frond in the decorative bottle

Your year-round holiday mood is already finished, which also works great as a window decoration!

We hope you feel inspired. You can find more beautiful decorative products in our shop! Have fun filling and browsing. Your Westwing team!

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