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Decorative cherry – the interior trend for your home


Oh, cherry, cherry – spring will definitely be fruity. And not just on our plate, in a cocktail glass or in a fruit basket on the dining table, but also when it comes to decoration. A few seasons ago it was the exotic pineapple, now the cherry is coming into our house. We are currently encountering the trendy it-piece in all possible variations. Whether as a stylish decorative object, a practical bowl or as a lamp above the coffee table – the trend fruit is on everyone’s lips right now. Our living experts will present the stylish it piece and show you how to give your four walls a sweet, fruity look with the sweet cherry. Let yourself be inspired!

Cherry as a decorative object

A tasty eye-catcher is the tasty cherry, especially as a modern decorative object. Did you know that the cherry in Japan stands for purity, beauty and happiness? That is why we should let the fruity trend piece move into our four walls. At WestwingNow you will of course find high-quality decorative cherries that add a colorful accent to your living, sleeping or dining area. From classic dark red to delicate pink to fine gold – as a decorative object, the cherry is a real eye-catcher with a WOW guarantee. Decide how you want to decorate your cherry!

Decorative bowls in the shape of a cherry

In addition to the extravagant decorative figures, small bowls were also inspired by the cherry. The practical home accessories are ideal for taking off your jewelry in the evening or placing the key in the entrance area. Made of shiny materials, the decorative bowls in the shape of a cherry are given a noble look. Incidentally, it looks great as an eye catcher on the bedside table next to the bed.

Lamps with a cherry motif

Let there be light! If you are a fan of opulent pendant lights, you will love the Queeboo model! The cherry look gives the lamp an extraordinary look. This piece of art made of plastic definitely provides your guests with enviable conversation material. You can also beautify your home with the table lamp by Markslöjd with a wink. The Scandinavian design is of the highest quality and, thanks to the cherry motif, offers an extravagant look. The combination of functionality and aesthetics is more than successful.

That’s why we love cherry decorations

When we think of cherries, we immediately think of a warm summer day that we loved to spend in our parents’ garden under the cherry tree. The delicate cherry blossoms alone are the most beautiful harbingers of spring. As soon as the beauties bloom in pink, the spring feelings come on their own. With the stylish cherry decoration, you do not have to do without a summery view in your four walls and you can still preserve the warm season. If we want to have spring feelings all year round, the it pieces are just perfect. Big cherry love!

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