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Decorative fish: Maritime ideas from the underwater world


With these adorable sea creatures you bring the Caribbean holiday mood and the fresh breeze of the sea into your four walls. Our interior experts will tell you in our decoration guide how you can put the fish figures in the mood. In addition, you will receive tips on how to create the right arrangement for a festive table for communion, confirmation or baptism. Immerse yourself in the maritime decorating ideas from the underwater world. With a step-by-step guide for decorative fish you will find a creative craft suggestion that you can implement with your children. We hope you enjoy reading, browsing and decorating!

Fish decoration made of many materials

Decoration in a maritime look creates a relaxed holiday mood that you can enjoy in your home all year round. Shells, corals and fish decoration symbolize freedom and invite you to dream and relax. After all, we primarily associate it with beautiful memories from your last summer vacation by the sea. It is therefore worthwhile to equip your own four walls with maritime decorative elements!

Whether in a rustic style with fish made of wood, in a glam look with shiny decorative fish made of metal or modern with fish made of ceramic – the motto offers many opportunities to showcase your maritime furnishings in a wonderful way. There is a bit of wanderlust right away!

Decorative fish made of wood

A wooden fish decoration underlines the maritime look and can be beautifully combined with simple decorative objects in white. You can either place the authentic wooden fish in a natural look or you can go for painted fish that add an atmospheric splash of color to your decoration. Another nice option is the wall decoration in fish design. Whether attached to a rope and can be placed on the wall or on branches in the garden. The decorative fish are also wonderful on a wooden stand.

Ceramic fish

Ceramic fish are somewhat more modern and reduced in design. They are particularly suitable for simple, modern-style furnishings. With decorative fish for hanging you can even create your own sound game, which conveys an inviting character next to the front door. Solid ceramic fish, on the other hand, can also be used as a bookend in your bookshelf. As candle holders for a tea light, they provide a cozy light and envelop the room in a cozy atmosphere.

Bathroom with fish wallpaper

Decorative fish made of metal

Are you still looking for a suitable design in a maritime style for your garden, balcony or terrace? Metal fish are very popular and provide a beautiful look as a shiny decorative object on a metal rod, in your bed or in a flowerpot. In addition, metal is usually very weatherproof, so that your decorative elements will still look beautiful even after a summer rain.

Porcelain fish

A porcelain fish for hanging or setting up is an absolute eye-catcher in your decoration. Fish made of porcelain are eye-catchers, particularly as candle holders or lanterns. Illuminate your decoration in the dark with a candle or a chain of lights and let the light shimmer wonderfully. Because of the numerous cutouts and openings in a porcelain fish, the glow of the candle shines in all directions. This is how you create the perfect atmosphere for a cozy, warm summer evening with friends or family.

Our 3 most beautiful decoration ideas with fish:

Decorative fish can be integrated in almost every corner of your home and wonderfully staged. However, if you are not among the lucky ones who have a creative knack and immediately find the ideal place for the new decorative object, our interior experts have put together a few small tips and tricks to help you decorate. Whether to hang it up, to attach it to the wall or as an effective table decoration!

Decorative fish to hang up

Natural materials are particularly beautiful for decorative elements to hang. Wood, twigs and branches such as corkscrews are well suited, but also a long rope on which you can hang fish with a different decoration in a maritime style is a nice idea for the bathroom or the terrace.

If you want to present your decorative fish outdoors, a DIY beach garland is a real eye-catcher. Use a piece of rope as a garland for this. Attach shells, starfish and decorative fish to a solid thread with a hot glue gun and tie them to the rope at equal intervals. Finished!

Wall decoration with fish

As a wall decoration, a fishing net is great – it not only looks stylish, but also brings a maritime atmosphere to your four walls. For the living room, bedroom or bathroom, for example, a decorative fishing net that you can hang on an empty wall is a fancy eye-catcher.

To give the decoration a uniform look, you can paint the wall in a shade of blue of your choice beforehand. Now attach the net to the wall and glue shells, starfish, decorative fish and other decorations onto the fishing net. To round off the overall picture nicely, green strips of tulle, which look like seaweed, are also suitable. Simply unique and individual!

Table decoration with fish

A table decoration with a fish look is a popular decoration, especially for church occasions such as confirmation or baptism. Even without festivities, decorative fish can be integrated harmoniously into many table decorations.

For a maritime-style place setting, you should use wooden materials. In a mix with a jute table runner, white porcelain dishes and blue candles, as well as serviettes, you create an atmospheric decoration that is particularly suitable for a cozy barbecue evening on the terrace in summer.

Table decoration with fish for confirmation, communion and baptism

With fishing nets, driftwood and decorative fish, you can create an impressive maritime table decoration for confirmation, communion or the baptism of your loved ones. In addition, you can arrange the look with shells, lighthouses and other maritime decorative objects. Let your creative ideas run wild! You should only be careful not to combine more than three colors together.

White and blue should be the focus and can be stylishly complemented with natural tones. You should also rely on naturalness for the materials. Jute, bast, cotton, linen and wood are ideally suited. Instead, you should avoid glossy fabrics such as satin or polyester. With the decorative fish, wood is also an elegant way to show the closeness to nature of the maritime style.

For a festive table, on the other hand, ceramics or porcelain are excellent. With rustic elements in vintage style or stainless steel accessories, you can breathe a very personal note into the maritime decorative theme. With matching name cards you also add a loving detail for your guests.

Below we tell you why the symbol of the fish is so popular for table decorations on church occasions:

Fish decoration as a symbol – that is behind it

  • Fact 1: Alongside the cross, the fish is probably the best-known symbol of Christianity. Did you know that the fish is much older than the cross? The symbolism of the sea dweller comes from pre-Christian times, when the followers of the still young religion had to fear persecution, torture and death. The symbol of the fish was regarded as an inconspicuous means, but nevertheless a clear communication between them.
  • Fact 2: The fish is not just a symbol, which also happens to be an excellent decoration. The fish says a lot more than we might recognize at first glance. Thus the Greek word for fish – Ichthys, broken down into its individual Greek letters, forms the basic idea of ​​the Christian creed: Jesus Christ, God’s Son and Redeemer.
  • Fact 3: Regardless of religion, the fish symbolizes movement and emotions. It brings the unconscious closer and therefore has a permanent place as a significant symbol. In some cultures, fish is also associated with fertility, harvesting and happiness, as it often reproduces rapidly in nature.
  • Fact 4: In the dream interpretation, the fish stands for the unconscious and soul but also for freedom of movement and the “inner self”. If you’ve ever dreamed of fish, you may have noticed that such dreams are often incredibly positive. In a dream, the fish also has a positive meaning in terms of their own finances. So it’s worth dreaming about fish one time or another!
  • Fact 5: Fish also plays an important role in numerous fairy tales. For example, do you know the story “Of the fisherman and his wife”? Here, your own mind orientation ensures a positive influence on your inner attitude. Here the fish represents an inspiring function of the subconscious – the fish is to be understood as a nourishing part of the soul.

DIY project: make fish decoration yourself

If you have now fallen in love with the impressive fish decoration, you will of course find beautiful decoration pieces in our online shop at WestwingNow, which will make you wonderful at home.

For all of you who like to get creative yourself and want to create decorative fish with your children, we have a DIY project with comprehensive step-by-step instructions. The craft idea is also very suitable for a children’s birthday party or a creative afternoon. Especially in the warm months, crafting fish is a great stimulus for young and old!

Everything you need for the DIY decorative fish can be found here

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Craft paper
  • Scraps of wrapping paper
  • Buttons or crown caps
  • Scissors and glue
  • Watercolors or colored pencils

Step by step making fish with children yourself

  1. step

    Instead of disposing of empty toilet paper rolls in the garbage, you can use them to make cute decorative fish together with your children.

  2. step

    Paint the empty toilet paper roll in the color of your choice. Watercolors or other opaque stains are best suited for this. Then let everything dry well.

  3. step

    Now cut the basic shape of the fish with scissors. To do this, round off the corners on one side of the toilet paper roll and cut around two centimeters before the end of the roll on the opposite side with the scissors.

  4. step

    Now fold the notches up or down so that a kind of fin is created for the fish.

  5. step

    With a little skill, you can now fold these small triangles into the inside of the toilet paper roll fish.

  6. step

    As soon as you have designed the basic shape of the decorative fish, the children can paint the little sea creature as they please or stick them with wrapping paper or craft paper.

  7. step

    As an eye, you can then help the kids stick a button or crown cap on. Finished!

Maritime decoration for your home

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