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Decorative heads: modern sculptures for your home


Deco with a head: sculptures in the shape of a head are absolutely trendy. This is no longer just about the classic Buddha head in the garden: White statues are stylish eye-catchers that make the interior look modern and elegant. Whether as decoration on the shelf, as a flower pot or even as a stylish toothbrush cup – decorative heads can now be found everywhere! Our interior experts will tell you what makes the trend so special and how you can use decorative heads in your own home.

Decorative heads: That’s why we love the bust trend

Whether in filigree form or in abstract design: decorative heads have been popular since ancient times, but for their comeback they show themselves in all their diversity! But there are more reasons why the interior scene is downright crazy about modern busts:

  1. They are classically antique and at the same time modern urban. What other decorative accessories can do this feat?

  2. The ideal combination: The heads can be perfectly combined with the Face Line Trend!

  3. Thanks to the different shapes and colors, the trend suits every living style. And whether in the bathroom or living room – the busts are effective in every room!

  4. Particularly beautiful: Many of the busts are carved from wood and are therefore unique. Perfect for everyone who loves individuality!

  5. Whether summer or winter, the timeless design fits into every season.

  6. Simple, but powerful! The decorative heads look a lot.

  7. Attention creatives: the sculptures are also a great DIY gift!

Decorative heads in white in the bedroom

How to integrate decorative heads in your home

Yes, we love decorative heads! Because which interior fan can that Design variety just resist the stylish figures? After all, not all decorative heads are created equal.

These models exist

The different variants offer the right interaction for every taste Form, color and function. If rustic wood look for the domestic country house chic, abstract look in terracotta or filigree, antique style in off white – the modern sculptures are definitely a great highlight!

The highlight: Decorative heads not only look great and have a modern style move in with you, they are also super functional! The pretty figures are also available in the form of cool vases with dried flowers or practical flower pots for succulents. Also as Bookend The decorative heads are in great demand on the shelf.

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