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DIY embroidery hoop wall art: make your own wall decoration


Stylish wall decorations do not always have to be particularly expensive or complex. Our interior experts will show you two different variants with embroidery frames that you can easily do yourself. You only need three things and the fun can start. Let yourself be convinced and design a cool DIY for your wall or your desk! A stylish eye-catcher in your own four walls, homemade!

DIY stickring wall art

Here we show you how you can easily conjure up elegant and stylish wall decorations from embroidery frames.

What you need for it

  • Stick rings in different sizes
  • Fabrics in the color or pattern of your choice
  • A scissors

Make wall decoration yourself – it’s that easy

  1. step

    Open the embroidery ring.

  2. step

    Cut the fabric to fit so that it completely fills the embroidery ring. The shape of a square is ideal.

  3. step

    Place the piece of fabric between the halves of the embroidery ring.

  4. step

    Close the embroidery ring tightly.

  5. step

    Turn the embroidery ring over and stretch the fabric on the back by gently pulling the material in all directions.

  6. step

    Use scissors to cut off the remnants of fabric that protrude beyond the embroidery ring.

  7. step

    Mix & match! Your homemade wall decoration will look particularly beautiful if you cover several embroidery frames in different sizes with different fabric patterns. Then arrange them on the wall to create a harmonious overall picture.

The storage ring made of stick rings

Tired of the constant chaos on your desk? We will tell you how you can creatively design a storage ring from an embroidery hoop. You will also need embroidery rings in various sizes, fabrics in the color and pattern of your choice, as well as scissors.

  1. First screw on the embroidery hoop. Place the piece of fabric over the smaller ring. Place the larger embroidery frame on the side, you only need it in the next step.
  2. Now place a second piece of fabric in half on the smaller embroidery ring, screw the large ring on top and above.
  3. Now tighten both fabrics on the back. Cut off excess fabric with scissors. As the ultimate organizer, you can decorate the embroidery frame on your desk and neatly store scissors, pens, etc.

The wall decoration to make yourself or the storage ring are also wonderful as a creative gift idea. If you want to give your mother, sister or best friend a little treat, you can conjure up a great DIY in just a few steps. We hope you enjoy crafting!

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