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DIY wall decoration: wall decoration in boho style!


A casual wall decoration in boho look turns your wall into a cool eye-catcher! Would you like to furnish your living room, bedroom or study with a self-made wall decoration? Then you should definitely not miss this DIY. We show you how you can easily create a unique boho wall decoration for your home!

What you need for the DIY boho wall decoration:

  • Cotton universal wool in three colors
  • Wooden pole with a length of 60 cm
  • Tape measure
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • rope

Make boho wall decoration yourself – it’s that easy

Are you looking for a decorative highlight for your home? In this step-by-step guide, our interior experts will show you how you can design a stylish boho style wall decoration yourself.

  1. step

    Mark the pole! Using the measuring tape and pencil, place the first mark on the wooden pole after 10 cm. And then another after another 40 cm (i.e. at 50 cm). So you have 10 cm “buffer” at the beginning and at the end of the wooden pole.

  2. step

    Grab the first wool color. Take a wool thread twice. Place this under the bar so that the opening is facing down.

  3. step

    Wrap the wool around the wooden pole. Repeat this step until you have wrapped the entire rod with the three wool colors.

  4. step

    Now the rope is used! Wrap the rope around the bar several times at the back end. Make a tight knot!

  5. step

    Place the rope above around the wooden pole. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the front part of the bar.

  6. step

    In order for the boho style of the DIY wall decoration to come into its own, the wool threads have to be cut with a pair of scissors. And the boho wall decoration is ready!

Your homemade wall decoration looks particularly good in a free space above the chest of drawers. But also in a mix with a golden decorative mirror, the wall decoration in boho style can be perfectly presented. Search and find cool decorative pieces in our online shop that give your DIY wall decoration the finishing touches.

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