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Feather decoration: feather-light style inspiration


Although they are very light, feathers have a great visual impact – if they are used correctly. Depending on taste and season, beautiful decorations can be realized with feather headdresses. Whether on the wall, as a lampshade or in a mix with other objects on a bowl, feathers have a real eye-catcher guarantee. In spring, feathers in bright colors are simply wonderful, and in autumn you are welcome to use slightly muted earth tones. Our interior experts will tell you in our style guide how you can prettify your four walls with feather-light decorative pieces. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas and tips!

That is why we love feather decoration

Did you know that a hanging feather is a symbol of the air for the Objiwa Indians? Since we can hardly live without air, the feather decoration is an absolute must for us. We love the feather-light style, which can be decorated in all imaginable colors and for any occasion. Why we just can’t do without feather decoration:

  1. Little effort – big effect: Drape a few decorative balls made of bast on a large plate, in a bowl or on a tray. With stylish decorative feathers you breathe a timeless elegance into the arrangement.
  2. Wild, romantic or fancy: a feather decoration breathes pure lightness into your ambience. White feathers with a golden tip look particularly classy, ​​colorful feathers are perfect for a balcony in hippie chic.
  3. Feathers are just great for making great DIYs. They come in all shapes, colors and patterns. From simple white goose feathers to exotic parrot and peacock feathers. Colored in pink or another color, they will put you in a good mood at the summer garden party.
Decorative feathers in brown

Styling ideas with decorative feathers

Pheasant feathers, turkey feathers or cock feathers are beautiful feathers that are ideal as a DIY decoration. Products that already have fluffy feathers can also be stylishly integrated into the home ambience. Even lamps whose base is equipped with a silver metal spring will become an eye-catcher with a WOW factor on your chest of drawers in the living room or bedroom.

Decorative lamp with lamp base in the form of a spring on a chest of drawers

Decorative feathers can be integrated into the interior at any time of the year, but they fit best in autumn. When mixed with other natural materials such as wood, bast, bamboo or rattan, decorative feathers simply look wonderful. The popular boho look in particular lives through elements such as fluffy feathers that can be decorated anytime and anywhere.

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