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Find the right pillow decoration for every room


Pillows are a fantastic way to quickly and easily set new decorative accents in your home. Every room with seating is ideal for this. On the couch in the living room, the decorative pillows can give the whole room a fresh new look. Pillows in size 40 × 40 are particularly popular here. They can be easily combined with other sizes, such as decorative pillows in 30 × 50, and can be used excellently as a back and headrest or as a shelf. In the bedroom, larger pillows in 80 × 80 give a hotel feeling. Decorative pillows can also be used for a short nap on the bedspread, so the bed does not have to be made again.

Large variety of colors and materials for every style

With decorative pillows you have a huge selection of colors, patterns, prints and materials. You will find the right model for every room and style. Cushions made of natural materials such as pure cotton, linen, wool, cashmere and also knit go perfectly with natural, puristic furnishings. It is best to keep them in subtle colors such as beige, brown or gray. Bright colors appear friendly and radiate lightness, while dark tones in velvet or satin create an elegant and cozy atmosphere. Trendy prints of plants or animals set modern accents on decorative pillows. Highlight variants in leather or with unusual applications provide a refined touch. Our tip: do not choose the pillows in the living room in the same fabric as the couch. An exciting mix looks particularly cool.

Find the right pillows for your interior

Define the style of the facility in each room. The pillows should be chosen to match – whether classic, boho or skandi. Think carefully about which object you want to place the pillows on. For example, would you like to decorate your bed or are you looking for sofa cushions? The pillow size should definitely depend on the object size. Be inspired by a large selection on WestwingNow. Carefully choose suitable pillows. So you will enjoy it for a long time.

Fresh decorative elements in every season

Cushions are also a clever way to change the decorations in your home in a comfortable way to suit the season. In the Christmas season, decorative pillows with classic to modern motifs of stars, deer and Co. as well as glittering accents look wonderfully festive. Colorful cushions with trendy flower prints, on the other hand, make you want spring and summer. In autumn, warm tones like mustard and dark green look very nice. Arrange the decorative pillows on your sofa side by side in different patterns in the same color family. This ensures a balanced look. Pillows with the same patterns or prints, on the other hand, look very nice and harmonious in the room, for example on the couch and armchair.

Summer feeling – with individual seasonal pillows you can create a particularly beautiful ambience in your own four walls, depending on the season. How to create a new mood in your home every few months!

Harmonious feel-good atmosphere with style

No matter which variant of decorative pillow you choose, these soft accessories perfectly combine style and cosiness, creating a harmonious feel-good atmosphere. Depending on the occasion, you can simply replace the pillows and create a whole new mood. From romantic with satin pillows in warm tones to elegant with simple patterns in noble colors such as dark blue to super cozy. So you can respond flexibly to your mood and needs at any time without being permanently tied to a decoration. How about, for example, black and white pillows? In our WestwingNow online shop you will find an exclusive and trendy selection. We hope you enjoy browsing, furnishing and decorating!

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