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Flamingo decoration: South Sea feeling at home


Our favorite decoration for a summer holiday feeling is pink this year! Whether as a figure, a lamp or on pillows ─ Flamingos are totally trendy right now. So it goes without saying that the pink bird must also move in with us. Suitable for spring and summer, the flamingo decoration conjures up Caribbean flair in our four walls and radiates a good mood. By the way, the bright pink is particularly stylish with white and light gray tones. Bring the exotic South Sea feeling home with you. Our living experts will tell you how the flamingo decoration in your apartment, on the balcony or in your garden becomes a trendy highlight. Let yourself be inspired!

Sweet textiles with a flamingo print

Do you want to start slowly with the flamingo trend and not decorate your entire apartment with the bright color? Cute textiles with a modern flamingo print are perfect to test the look. Bring the bird home on decorative pillows, on the doormat or on the beach towel. The pretty designs appear noble and simple ─ and are in no way inferior to his colorful feather friend.

Pillow with flamingo print on a black chair

Lights & decorative objects in the shape of flamingos

It doesn’t always have to be pink! Modern home accessories with a metallic look can also be used as a beautiful flamingo decoration. With a gold-colored table lamp you are sure to be the highlight in your living room.

Decorative lamp in the shape of a flamingo on a side table in the living area

For color enthusiasts it can get a little more colorful with pink flamingo-style lighting objects. The striking flamingo silhouette creates an absolute ray of light. Perfect for the home office as well as for any room where you can use animal support.

Flamingo shaped object lies on a marble shelf

Flamingo decoration for patio and balcony

Have you noticed that the pink bird with its glowing plumage makes you feel really happy? No wonder! With a flamingo we automatically associate a hint of a gentle sea breeze that is noticeable on our skin. We taste the salty sea water on the tongue and automatically get in a good mood.

If there are two things the flamingo stands for, it is summer and sun! For this reason, the little animal is also perfect as a decoration for the garden, terrace or balcony. Whether as an inflatable swim ring for the home pool, colorful fairy lights for the balcony railing or flickering candle ─ enjoy the very personal holiday feeling in your four walls!

Flamingo decoration for your party

As soon as the first warm sun rays appear, it begins: the long-awaited barbecue season. Delicious! So we have no objection to the next garden party. So that the BBQ is remembered by your guests, you can score with a particularly unusual decoration. Fruity fruit is highlighted by pink cocktail skewers with flamingo decorations. So the drink tastes twice as good. With patterned Flamingo plates you are guaranteed to convince every guest and turn your buffet into an extravagant eye-catcher. Your party is guaranteed to be a Caribbean experience!

A decorative flamingo on a small muffin on the table

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