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Freesias: the spring awakening for your home


Freesia (Freesia) are currently one of the most popular decorative and garden plants and can be seen with their elegant leaves and fragrant flowers. There are over 100 types of the popular cut flowers in many different colors and they prefer a sunny spot. Whether indoors or outdoors, freesias are versatile all-rounders. They fit into any garden style and are also particularly durable in vases. Depending on the variety, they last up to three weeks. How you can plant and care for freesias and thus beautify your home, you can find out here with us.

The most important facts

Freesias belong to the iris family and are perennial tuberous plants. The flower is spike-shaped and comes in many different colors: blue, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple and multicolored. The flowering period begins in July and extends into September.

Graphic freesia the most important facts

Planting freesias: We’ll show you how to do it in three steps!

You can get freesias as tubers in nurseries or garden centers from January. You can orientate yourself on the ice saints and plant the onions as soon as the ice saints have bloomed. If you like, you can store the tubers in the dark at room temperature before planting, as this should make them sprout even more beautifully.

Another tip in advance: To put the freesia bed in the limelight, plant your flowers in groups.

Planting freesias – this is how it works:

  1. step

    Pick a sunny spot and, first of all, loosen the soil in which you plan to plant your freesias. Look out for one rich in humus Ground.

  2. step

    Put the tubers five to ten centimeters deep in the soil and make sure there is a distance of about ten to 20 centimeters between the tubers.

  3. step

    Water the bulbs that have been planted until they bloom regularly, as they prefer moist soil.

Important: Make sure that the flower bulbs are intact and as large as possible. Because only these drift out beautifully. As a rule, freesias can be planted from mid-May, but also before that, when the soil is already frost-free.

Freesia bulbs in a pot with a scoop

Maintain freesias properly

So that you can enjoy the longevity of your freesias, here are the most important tips that you should keep in mind when caring for them. In general, however, it can be said that freesias very easy to care for are – so too suitable for beginners!

  1. Tip: Freesias like sunny places, so it is important to water them regularly, but always on the ground and not on the plant itself.
  2. Tip: You should be very sparing when using fertilizer, as these flowers are sensitive to salt. If the soil is poor in nutrients, fertilizer can be used carefully. In addition, they do not need special care.
  3. Tip: If you want to use freesia as a cut flower in the vase, cut it off at the end of the flower stem when the buds are not yet in bloom. They keep best in vases if you refill the water but don’t change it.

How do freesias hibernate?

Freesias are not hardy. If your tubers are not prepared tubers, then you need to remove them from the bed before the onset of winter. Prepared tubers only bloom once.

How to make freesias hardy – this is how it works:

  1. To do this, carefully lift the tuber with a shovel and then remove the soil from around the flower bulb.
  2. Put the tuber in a box at a room temperature of 15 degrees. You can then put the flower bulbs back in the ground in spring.

Propagate freesias

If you want to multiply freesias, keep the flowers before they wilt. The seeds contained in the flowers are removed and stored in a dark and dry place. Before sowing, the seeds are placed in warm water and the seeds are mixed with sand.

The seeds prepared in this way can be planted in a pot. The pot is covered with a foil and should be stored in the dark for about three weeks at room temperature of 20 degrees. The seeds can be planted in the ground from mid-May.

Freesia flower violet

Decoration ideas

With their colorful variety of colors, freesias come into their own, especially in the living and dining area, and bring a wonderful scent with them.

Ideas for bouquets

With their comb-like growth, they are also suitable for visually loosening up bouquets. In combination with tulips, ranunculus, anemones and hyacinths ring in the spring in your home.

If you prefer freesias alone in a bouquet, you can compress them with stabilizing salal, a bunch of pistachio greens or a bunch of eucalyptus, because this results in a beautiful interplay of the leaves.

Decoration ideas for your home

The bright colors of the flowers can be beautifully presented in glass vases and simple vases, because this is how they look particularly impressive. Also in the entrance area on a sideboard or a chest of drawers, a bouquet of freesia refreshes the room.

Ideas for the balcony

Freesias guarantee a good mood on the balcony! If you prefer freesia as a potted plant or in a bed, you can combine them with tulips or ranunculus.

Tip: By the way, you can also integrate the pretty cut flowers into your home as indoor plants in pots. These are also suitable indoors without any problems.

We hope we could inspire you to decorate with freesia. You are also welcome to discover other flower decoration ideas and further inspiration for garden design. There you will find further design options for everything to do with the garden, for example how you can best integrate flowers, perennials and the like into your garden.

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