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Gypsophila decoration: information, ideas & tips


Accompanying other flowers or going it alone: ​​The gypsophila, which comes from Canada, is making a comeback. It can be found in bouquets and in elegant house and table decorations. In our guide you can find out which furnishing styles the gypsophila decoration goes well with and how it adorns wedding and hair. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

How to properly care for your baby’s breath

Not only their look, but also their ease of care is convincing! The creeping and high gypsophila are very easy to care for. They grow well on stony or sandy soil and love light-flooded rooms. However, excessive sun exposure should be avoided. Both types of gypsophila do not even need to be watered regularly. Instead, simply check that there is no waterlogging in the pot. Fertilize the gypsum herb in the autumn with garden talk, in the spring with some plant fertilizer. If it is outdoors, protect it from moisture in winter. Winter itself does not damage the flower.

Gypsophila decoration goes well with these furnishing styles

Romantic boho style: Unconventional and colorful: In the boho style, heirlooms meet natural materials such as wood and bamboo as well as patterns. In this world of colors, white gypsophila cautiously complements the colorful forest and meadow bouquet. Here are frescos, craspedia, pastel blue iris and purple carnations. Hand-painted vases or Grandma’s vintage vases are particularly impressive.

Modern country house: The stepmother’s gypsum herb fits perfectly into the scenery of a modern country house. An old ceramic vase decorates the room on the faded wood sideboard. The shrub-like and at the same time filigree carnation radiates the naturalness that underlies the country house style.

Clean minimalism: In spite of their uneven shrub growth, gypsophila decoration is convincing in modern homes. Their white flowers harmonize as an accessory to white hydrangeas or roses. As a single bouquet, they are just as beautiful. The perfect companion: a white vase, which, thanks to the lack of decorations, draws everyone’s attention to the previously neglected gypsum herb.

Wedding decoration – Brighten up the big day with gypsophila

Gypsophila is known to many only as a filling material for bouquets. The flower also looks fantastic as a decoration! It is currently very popular, especially for festive occasions such as weddings, Christmas or Easter. We have the best ideas for Wedding decoration with gypsophila compiled:

  1. Tied with cream-colored germini or cream-colored roses, the white gypsum herb is the perfect decoration on the wedding day. In elegant glass flower vases, this composition perfects the natural Table decoration.
  2. Especially for a wedding in Vintage style fits a decoration with gypsophila. It is best to combine candles and wreaths as well as elements made of wood. This way you can radiate a romantic charm in no time.
  3. That too automobile can be decorated with the delicate flowers! For this, tie the gypsophila with a rose into a bouquet. It is best to attach this to the car mirrors.
  4. The flower is decorated with a silk ribbon Pew and thus the way to the altar. To complete the look, the staircase to the church is decorated with the plants.
  5. Did you know that the gypsum herb stands for purity and dedication? So perfect to put the flower in the Bridal bouquet to install! If you like it a bit simpler, you can even tie the entire bridal bouquet from the white flowers. It just looks fantastic!
  6. Our favorite wedding decoration with flowers: a DIY garland with the clove family and eucalyptus. Whether as a table decoration or wall decoration on the wedding arch – this decorative piece is simply to fall in love with. A little hint: So that you have something of the garland for a long time after the wedding, you can also use artificial flowers. It is best to choose elegant silk flowers.
  7. Since gypsophila looks fresh for a long time, it is also ideal for that your to decorate the bride. We will show you how in the next section. For the groom there is a matching pin with the plant.

PS: The clove family is edible, so it is also ideal for decorating cakes, pies and cupcakes. So your wedding cake will definitely be an eye-catcher!

Tied round – step by step to a stylish wreath with gypsophila

  1. step

    Obtain green wire, scissors, adhesive tape and a fabric tape. Now bundle the gypsophila into small bouquets and fix them with adhesive tape. Plus: Choose the fabric ribbon in white – to match the flowers of the gypsophila.

  2. step

    Bend the plant wire into shape and attach the mini bouquets one after the other. Make sure that the flower wreath has the same volume at every point.

  3. step

    Then use the wire to form two loops, which you hook into the end of the flower wreath and each with a fabric ribbon. Tie a nice bow with these.

Tip: The stylish gypsophila flower wreath not only decorates the bride, flower girl and bridesmaid, but also has an additional hook on doors and the dining table.

Would you like to use the gypsum herb traditionally as a wedding decoration? Or even in a bouquet as a table decoration at home? No matter how you use the filigree clove plant: lightness classic natural elegance will appear. Previously called stepmother, the gypsophila decoration is experiencing a revival – and rightly so, in our opinion.

PS: Discover many more ideas for decorating with flowers and get inspired!

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