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How to use pendant lights in style


What is an optical high-flyer and what gives light? Pendant lights! They are an intelligent lighting solution and at the same time create a very special atmosphere. We’ll tell you how you can put pendant lights in your home. Let there be light!

The lower the better

There is no reason to hang a pendant lamp high on the ceiling, after all, you want to show off your masterpiece. So hang your lamp a little lower. In such a way, of course, that nobody can bump their head!

Pendant lights living room sofa armchair

Go alone

Would you like to make a bold statement with your pendant light? Then an impressive large lampshade is just the thing. But be careful if you hang other lamps nearby. The lamps should not compete visually with each other. Exception: smaller lamps or luminaires of the same type.

Pendant lights dining table living room

In a row…

Would you like to hang a number of identical lamps next to each other? Perfect, because this is how you create an expressive ambience. A pendant light directly above the dining table? Ensure a maximum color effect here by matching the color of your lamp to that of the chairs. And always remember: an odd number of lamps looks better!

Pendant lights dining table chairs

… Or in a group!

Several pendant lights in a group immediately arouse visual interest and create design flair. Do you predominate in white? Then a bundle of colored glass lamps is perfect for creating a subtle explosion of color in your rooms. Do you have unplastered rooms or brick walls? A silver or gold lamp group brings a stylish plus in glamor.

Pendant lights dining table silver balls

Styling ace: light bulb

Free-hanging lightbulbs have something. Something really cool. Hang a single light bulb in your kitchen and rediscover cool chic! With several free-hanging light bulbs, you can create a simple and exciting room design. Put your rooms in scene with stylish casualness.

Pendant lights living area lightbulbs table

A hanging bedside lamp?

Clear! Why not have failed here too. Not a fan of bedside lamps? Then we have something for you. A hanging bedside lamp is a simple and effective way to add atmospheric light to your room. Leave 30cm of space between the table top and the lamp so that you can reach for your alarm clock or a drinking glass without bumping into the lamp.

Pendant lights bedside lamps bedroom

Hide the cable?

Not any longer longer! Because from now on cables are in the fast lane and cool style features for the interior. Choose cables in brightly colored tones or wrap them with colored thread. How to make a casual statement with a wow factor.

Pendant lights light bulbs dining table

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Photos: living4media, the interior archive

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