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It is so green – our most beautiful moss decoration


Moss decoration is a trend: the versatile decoration material decorates both shelves and walls and gives arrangements and arrangements more space. This decoration cannot be surpassed in terms of naturalness. The lively moss decoration is used for spring and Christmas decorations and as a natural decorative element at home all year round. We have put together a few tips for you so that your decoration with moss retains the lush green color and gives you long-term enjoyment.

You have to pay attention to this when working with moss

  • Preserve moss: By preserving moss, you can store it flexibly or use it for decoration if necessary. Make a 2: 1 mixture of glycerin and denatured alcohol. Wash the moss in advance with clear water and then soak it in the solution for ten minutes. Then drain it in a bowl and, in a next step, put it on a kitchen towel to dry. The latter can take up to three days.
  • Living moss: Would you like to plant the harvested moss? Then place it on the substrate, press the moss lightly and then water it.
  • Color preservation: If you want to maintain the intense moss color of your moss decoration, you should ensure that it always grows on nutrient-rich soil. If this is not the case, it will hardly survive a few days and its color will fade.

In these seasons, moss decoration looks particularly beautiful

Spring and winter are ideal for decorating with moss. In spring, Easter nests made of moss are a classic and bring great joy to every child – including adults. Nothing harmonises more beautifully with its rich green than the bright yellow of tulips and daffodils. In winter, moss is suitable for imitating a landscape in the decorative flu, or as a rustic table decoration with pine cones and Christmas balls. Processed for the Christmas wreath, moss is a beautiful decoration for the front door, or the right frame for the advent candles – on an elegant decorative tray.

Our top 3 decorating ideas with moss

  1. Wall decoration with moss

    An inexpensive, yet effective eye catcher: For vertical greening with moss, you need a frame, screws and screwdrivers, a hot glue gun and plate or ball moss. The moss used should be preserved as the vertical position would not allow the moss wall to be watered regularly and would dry up quickly. Apply the hot glue step by step and put the moss on it. Let the result dry for some time. The natural decorative wall is ready! A nice highlight that transforms the living room and bathroom into a relaxation and wellness oasis in no time!

  2. Decorative moss carpet

    The basis is a foam rubber mat. Use a knife to cut wells into which you will plant the moss. A moss carpet is ideal as a natural bath mat. If necessary, you can spray them with water, usually the moisture in the bathroom is enough for the decorative moss to thrive.

  3. Moss decoration as a table decoration

    Fill a flat glass bowl with soil and a layer of substrate and carefully press some moss onto it. The table decoration with moss is ready! As an element of your interior design, Moos Deko gives a feeling of inner peace and well-being.

These home accessories can be particularly beautifully combined with moss decorations

Whether as a vertical garden or green table decoration: moss decoration sets fresh color accents and increases the well-being in every room. The combination with the right materials reinforces this effect. With a hanging glass planter, the moss decoration is in the foreground and is a space-saving decoration element for the small bathroom. Planters in natural colors such as brown and beige additionally emphasize the naturalness of the moss decoration. They are the ideal green addition to a restrained retro style, as well as the natural country house or Scandi style in the living and dining room.

Whether stored in a glass vase or as a vertical moss carpet – with moss decoration you can create real works of art! With our inspirations you can use the evergreen decorative material in style and enjoy the advantages of nature in your own four walls!

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