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Jungle Fever – This is how your Monstera decoration succeeds


Monstera now adorns pillows, wallpapers and murals as patterns. Now the plant itself has become a popular decoration. With its simple leaf shape and easy care, it is the perfect choice for anyone who loves no-frills decoration. Whether on the wall or on the floor – Monstera Deko creates a tropical feeling like no other plant even in the city apartment. In our guide, we will explain how it is preserved for a long time and how you can put it in the limelight!

Known how – How to properly care for your window leaf

Monstera care is not a challenge – follow a few tips and you will enjoy it for a long time! The Monstera is not called the window leaf for nothing. The evergreen plant does not tolerate direct sunlight, but loves the light and should therefore be close to the window. When choosing a room, ensure that there is sufficient humidity. Dry heating air quickly causes brown leaves on the Monstera. This can be counteracted by spraying the leaves regularly and by pouring your Monstera with lime-free water as required. The room temperature also counts: it should not be below 20 degrees. The Monstera not only provides tropical flair, it also loves its climate. Since the Monstera plant grows quickly, it usually has to be repotted every two years. Cut off rotting roots and trim their leaves if necessary.

Our most beautiful decoration in Monstera style

The Monstera decoration is incredibly diverse: As a house and bathroom plant, it transforms every room into a green oasis. If you don’t have a green thumb, or if Monstera care is too expensive for you, you don’t have to do without it. Arrange the window leaf as individual leaves in a glass vase with water. A stylish decoration idea for the living room or dining room table. There you will also find it as a plate decoration. The Monstera pattern adorns breakfast cups, plates and entire tableware series. If you can’t get enough of the trendy design, use the Monstera as a captivating wall decoration: whether poster or wallpaper. Or as a loner who draws everyone’s attention and picks up on the patterns and colors of the home textiles in the room.

Monstera Mania – These styles harmonize perfectly with the It plant

  1. Beverly Hills Hotel

    The Monstera plant is the iconic decorative pattern of the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles: No Monstera decoration is imitated more often. Recreate the Beverly Hills style by painting a wall in soft rosé or setting up a pink pouf. Set aside a small side table made of golden metal and glass, and frame your windows with salmon or lime green curtains. Cushions with a monster print provide additional comfort on the couch – a Monstera plant in a golden pot for unmistakable Hollywood flair.

  2. House by the sea

    The house by the sea lives from open interior design, a large window front and lots of light – the perfect conditions for the popular window leaf. In a combination of blue and white furniture, a monster plant is particularly beautiful, whether as a mural or a houseplant. Its rich green leaf color harmonizes with the green in blue. This combination cannot be surpassed in naturalness and is reminiscent of a blue lagoon in the tropical rainforest.

  3. Urban jungle in the loft

    A spacious loft is characterized by spacious rooms and its reduced design. A Monstera as decoration gives the room comfort and serves as a natural separating element. Room sections can be indicated with this separation method and the large eat-in kitchen looks more homely in no time. With some green plants in your home, you create your own urban jungle, in which you can escape the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle at your door.

Welcome to the Jungle! Whether as a poster, decorative pillow or as a real plant: The Monstera decoration enriches your home with its intense green color and wild jungle feeling. All year round: Even as a real plant, the Monstera is easy to care for and evergreen an eye catcher for your home!

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