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Knot pillow: The new pillow trend


XXL knot pillows are currently a real trend piece that are quickly found in our four walls. Whether on the sofa, in the reading corner or in bed – the decorative pillows prefer to make themselves comfortable everywhere.

Square look pillow? This season, the home accessory comes in the form of a long tube braided in the style of a Celtic knot. If you have a little creative skill, you can sew the stylish knot pillow yourself from old tights, a duvet cover or a blanket. For everyone else, there is a nice selection of knot pillows for your home in our WestwingNow online shop.

When it comes to styling options, you can of course learn a few tips and tricks from our interior experts. Let yourself be inspired!

Knot cushion: the design

When designing the knot pillows, we are literally standing on the tube. Incidentally, Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir had the idea for the style of the eye-catching decorative textiles. The Icelander has a soft spot for unusual shapes and created the it piece back in 2011. The idea for the knotted design came about while she was crocheting figures with tubular legs. In combination with their knowledge of various scout knots, the knot pillow was brought to life. Luckily! The design is beautiful, stylish and simple, as we are used to from the Scandinavians. The tube made of jersey fabric is padded with filling cotton and twisted into a Celtic knot. We are definitely in love with the home accessory with a cuddle factor.

The knot pillow fits here

The oversized balls are an absolute eye-catcher in every living room or bedroom. Whether on the sofa in a mix with other decorative pillows or as an eye catcher on the made bed – the cuddly soft knot pillows can be arranged as you wish. Knot pillows fit particularly well in the living area.

Even in the bedroom, the knot pillow elegantly turns into your bed linen. A design piece, which was chosen in a color family with the other textiles, ensures a harmonious overall picture. In a contrasting tone, on the other hand, it acts as a good mood accent on your bed. This makes getting up in the morning much easier and straightening the bed becomes your new favorite activity.

Combine the knot pillow

The perfect feel-good cloud for every interior fan! In order to put the knot pillow in the focus of your pillow collection, it is important not to overload the look. Combine the beautiful piece with various decorative pillows made of different materials. This creates an exciting contrast, but does not let the knot pillow go down in the arrangement.

Take the knot cushion to the next level and give the it-piece a special place in your four walls. The stylish cuddly knots make themselves fabulous on a chair, whose shiny material ensures a hip break in style with the soft fabric of the home accessory.

Order the knot pillow online

Watch out for cuddle lovers! Of course you will find a nice selection of stylish knot pillows at WestwingNow. Rummage comfortably from the sofa in our selection and get your new favorite piece for the living area!

The soft cotton home accessories were tied from a knitted tube into a compact pillow. Practical: Every model is delivered fully knotted and cannot be untied. In terms of color too, design purists get their money’s worth! The clear design language is accompanied by various colors.

Bring the fresh, modern look that never goes out of style into your own home!

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