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Let the sunshine in: beautiful yellow flowers for your home


Summer, sun, lust for life – yellow flowers trigger many positive associations and are real Mood enhancer. Especially in spring, when the first yellow crocuses sprout, the daffodils stretch their heads and the forsythias bloom, optimism sprouts again in us and the anticipation for the warm months increases noticeably. Whether in the garden, on the balcony or in the house: yellow flowers create good vibes and attract everyone’s attention. For everyone who is interested in the colorful flowers Can’t see enough, we have put together the most important facts, tips and ideas about yellow flowers.

The color yellow and its effect

Yellow is the color of the sun. It shines particularly intensely, sets warm accents and conveys joie de vivre, vitality and optimism In color psychology, yellow also stands for spontaneity, creativity and development. Yellow tones promote the ability to concentrate and have a stimulating effect. Many people feel refreshed or invigorated when they see something yellow and associate happiness and hope with it.

No wonder that the Pantone Color Institute has defined the shade of yellow “Illuminating” as one of the two trend colors for 2021. Complementary to the cool “Ultimate Gray”, the cheerful yellow is intended to convey a message of happiness and strength that gives us hope and confidence in a better future. Exactly what we urgently need in a challenging time like the corona pandemic.

Our top 10 flowers in yellow

Yellow flowers are a particularly beautiful way of integrating the life-affirming trend color into everyday life. They embody the blooming life in the truest sense of the word, are great to decorate and are real bright spots even on gray days. Whether for the garden, the balcony or the living area – we have a selection of them 10 most beautiful flowers in yellow compiled for you. Some of them bloom exclusively yellow, others are also available in other colors.

  1. Craspedia

    Craspedia decorated with spherical vases

  2. dahlia

    yellow dahlia

  3. Gerberas

    yellow gerbera

  4. crocus

    yellow crocuses

  5. lily

  6. daffodil


  7. orchid

    Orchid in yellow

  8. Ranunculus

    yellow ranunculus

  9. rose

    yellow roses

  10. Sunflower


Seasonal yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are particularly noticeable in early spring, when nature comes back to life and the flowers stand out from the meadow green or everyday gray thanks to their bright color. But also to everyone else Seasons there are flowers and bushes that make us happy with their refreshing color. Here is an overview:

Spring (March to May)

Which plant blooms in yellow in spring? What are the names of the yellow flowers on the roadside or those in the neighbor’s garden? For everyone who is into the city with brightly glowing flowers Start the gardening season the following spring flowers are suitable:

  • Forsythia
  • dandelion
  • Daffodils
  • Ranunculus
  • Pansy
  • Tulips

Summer (June to August)

There are plenty of yellow summer flowers – and they can be found everywhere: in meadows, in gardens, by the roadside, in the mountains, on fields, by the lake, in the forest. Keep your eyes open! You will be surprised how many plants with yellow flowers you will discover. Some of them are sure to be there:

  • Buttercups
  • Craspedia
  • Freesia
  • Gerberas
  • Mullein
  • Roses
  • Snap kites
  • sunflowers
  • Sun hat

Autumn (September to November)

In addition to intensely colored foliage, nature also has beautiful ones yellow autumn flowers in store for us. But which yellow plants are still blooming so late in the year? For example this one:

  • chrysanthemum
  • Pincushion Protea
  • Santinis

Winter (December to February)

Yellow winter flowers are real bright spots. Our hearts leap at the sight of them, because they already hint at the coming spring. Here are a few representatives:

  • Yellow dwarf iris
  • crocus
  • Jewelry mahonia
  • Winter jasmine
  • Winterling
  • Witch hazel

Yellow garden flowers

Sun-yellow flowers in the garden can usually be found in the form of perennials, bulb flowers and flowering shrubs. There are a variety of plants in different sizes, with more or fewer flowers and in various shades of yellow. Bushes, which naturally have yellow leaves, are also a welcome change in green hedges. Yellow summer flowers are beautiful Beet flowers, but can also be part of a self-made flower meadow that attracts bees and butterflies. Yellow wildflowers such as dandelions, buttercups or buttercups are extremely popular with insects because they can recognize the signal color particularly well. But yellow flowers in the garden are also a nice splash of color to the human eye. If you have a pond, you can consider yellow water lilies or plant the marsh marigold on the edge.

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