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Living according to zodiac signs


The four elements fire, earth, air and water are assigned to the twelve zodiac signs in astrology. Find the interior style that suits your zodiac sign!

In the element of fire

What fireborns burn for: Would you like to know what furniture suits you best? We polled the stars for you! Thanks to these interior treasures, you can create a feel-good atmosphere that suits your element!


Living according to the zodiac sign Aries

Always open to changes, Aries also has new ideas when it comes to furnishing.
Must-have: Aries like things simple, but not boring. An alpaca plaid with a check pattern is therefore perfect!


Living according to the zodiac sign Leo

Leos love comfort, luxury, and beautiful things and yes, they are even a little eccentric at times.
Must-have: An extravagant mural with gold details not only brightens up a lion’s room, but is the perfect complement to the lifestyle of the strong zodiac sign.


Living by the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius always strive for variety and rely on special pieces!
Must-have: sample pillows with a boho touch are perfect – colorful and unusual, they give a touch of free spirit feeling.

In the element of the earth

Down to earth for earth signs: As real connoisseurs, they find their home in the material and love luxury: earth signs! The finest home textiles, fragrances and care sets pamper your senses, while sparkling earrings, bracelets and necklaces reflect your love of luxury. Whether jewelery, living accessories or furniture – the leading color tone is the element color green, but elegant brown tones and materials such as leather and wood underline the solid reference to the earth.


Living according to the zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus likes to choose traditional, classic and robust materials! Things with substance and sustainability.
Must-have: A classic table lamp underlines the fine taste of the bulls.


Living according to the zodiac sign Virgo

The Virgo likes things simple, stylish, calm and often relies on the tried and tested.
Must-have for the virgin: Are you looking for pretty black and white prints for a little interior update? It’s not too fancy and fits perfectly into any interior.


Living according to the zodiac sign Capricorn

Capricorns love your home! It is still not perfectly styled, but pleasant and natural. Nevertheless, ibexes hide things in their apartments that have been with them for years.
Must-have: A retro radio reflects the relaxed atmosphere that accompanies Capricorns.

In the element of air

Free flight path for the airborne: Everyone knows that air signs are creative and communicative. Whether the lively twin is chasing the latest trends, the charming Libra would like to redecorate their home again or the open-minded Aquarius is planning a mix of styles – this sale has the right thing ready: From cool canvas prints with flamingos to elegant porcelain to chic lights – everything is with it. Don’t be a fanatic, take it!


Living according to the zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini make apartments happy with a slight eccentric grace! Black-and-white? No thanks! It can live, be friendly and inspiring.
Must-have: A framed parrot print is eye-catching and colorful and looks gorgeous in the interior of a twin.


Living according to the zodiac sign Libra

The Romance must go on: At least Libra cannot tear themselves away from the delicate, lovely and feminine style! You don’t have to!
Must-have: A romantic étagère emphasizes the feminine and lovely features of the Libra that they love to celebrate.


Living according to the zodiac sign Aquarius

Cool, modern and playing with opposites will please everyone born under the Aquarius zodiac sign in your interior.
Must-have: A silver-colored console with a special design language appeals to the Aquarians: extraordinary and imposing!

In the element of water

Watermark, get into the water! Anyone who knows Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces knows: Those born with the watermark are sensitive and intuitive! They value their personal retreat very much and furnish it according to their taste. The water colors blue and turquoise are a must – loosened up with accents in white and gray as well as fresh pink or red. Beautiful digital prints, stylish lights, fine jewelry: Here you will find everything your aqua-blue heart desires!


Living according to the zodiac sign cancer

My home is my castle think crabs and give your home the atmosphere in which they feel most comfortable: cozy, warm and cordial.
Must-have: A pouf with a pattern print is a highlight in the interior for the Krebse, as it underlines a relaxed cosiness.


Living according to the zodiac sign Scorpio

Luxurious ambience and not afraid of dark, opulent colors – Scorpios are fearless when it comes to the interior, but still stylish and eager to create a feel-good atmosphere.
Must-have: An opulent chandelier makes an excellent statement piece in a Scorpio apartment, as it radiates what Scorpios like to represent: glamor!


Living according to the zodiac sign Pisces

An unbelievable lightness and soft turquoise and white tones transform the furnishing of the fish into an ambience with a dream world character.
Must-have: a turquoise, hand-painted tray with a wave-like pattern reminiscent of the sea and endless expanses!

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