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Macrame: the most beautiful ideas & DIY’s!


Do you love boho decoration? Then simply knot your vintage pieces for the apartment yourself! When it comes to cool interior and interior trends as well as decorating Macrame right at the front. The casual curtain for the wall decorates stylish apartments. And yes, they are also a fabulous eye-catcher at weddings. The macrame decoration is also a pretty nice change to framed pictures, posters and graphics. Decorate your white wall! Our interior experts will give you tips and cool styling ideas to imitate!

What is macrame?

Macrame is from the Arabic language area of ​​the 13th century Knotting technique. Here threads and cords are knotted by hand into ornaments or textiles. The technology is said to have come from the Orient and found its way to Central Europe via Greece. However, there are also traditions that the Moors brought jewelry made with macrame to Spain. However macrame has found its way to us, we love the decorative loops made of cotton yarn. If Tapestry, Hanging basket or the popular Macrame bracelet ─ the comeback of the knots is impressive.

The perfect macrame yarn

The quality and structure of the materials used is absolutely decisive for the look of your macrame designs. So you shouldn’t just pick any thread. A natural style is essential for the design of macrame. With organic fibers like Cotton ropes, jute, hand, sisal or other natural fibers you are guaranteed a natural look. You can buy your work threads and accessories for handicrafts that specialize in creative DIY projects.

How it works: Macrame knots for beginners

To get the style authentic, you should join the anchor stitch, rib knot and cross knot know about. But there are also the flat knot (also weaver or cross knot), the spiral knot (wave knot or Indian knot), the “half stroke knot”, the figure eight knot (pretzel knot), the josefine knot, the boat knot, the rib knot (forward knot or reverse knot), and the “Over Hand Knot”.

Sounds like a lot. But no fear! Because with our small instructions everyone becomes a macrame master:

Macrame ─ how it works:

  1. Take four cords and lay the rightmost strand at the front over the middle two strands.
  2. Then lay the leftmost strand under the end of the right strand behind the two middle strands.
  3. Now thread again through the strand on the right side.
  4. Then tighten both strands.
  5. Now repeat the whole thing the other way around. Place the rightmost strand behind the two middle strands.
  6. Then thread the left strand, lay it over the two middle strands at the front and pull it through again at the back.
  7. Then tighten the ropes so that the two knots meet.
  8. Repeat this knot technique for the remaining cords.

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