Summer Decoration

Make summer decorations: the best ideas!


The warm months have finally arrived with us! So why not tinker a little summer decoration to freshen up our home? Whether alone, with friends or children: Everyone can really take part in these projects. We present our top 4 ideas on how you can conjure up the sunshine in your home with just a few tools. Have fun!

Make summer decorations with dried flowers

Let’s start with the bouquet that will last forever! Of course we all love fresh flowers. After all, there is a wonderfully large selection here, especially in summer. Unfortunately, these usually only last up to a week. That’s why we have our first craft idea here: a bouquet of dried flowers! Not only is this much more durable, it is also currently very trendy.

We will now tell you what you should consider when creating your bouquet.

  1. Often when we think of dried flowers we only think of muted colors such as beige, white or cream. But there are also enough flowers that keep their color when dry. So always include an eye-catcher in bright colors such as yellow, pink or red when “crafting summer decorations”. We can recommend ball flowers, hydrangeas or limonium flowers in particular.
  2. Also mix the shapes and colors of your dried flowers when you make your summer decoration. This creates an exciting mix of different textures and types of flowers or plants.
  3. But of course you can also dry your flowers yourself! Simply place the desired flowers in a vase without water or hang the stems upside down to dry. And you have already made a wonderful summer decoration with little effort!

You can find even more information and inspiration in our video:

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Make your own table decorations in summer

Of course, the right summer decoration for the table should not be missing. Of course we also want to really celebrate our favorite season here. Our interior experts will therefore tell you about our favorite table decorations, which are perfect for relaxing barbecues or evenings on the terrace with the family.

Our first tip is therefore here: More is more! Feel free to combine different bright colors and patterns with each other. Tones such as turquoise, pink or coral are particularly popular with us.

If you don’t like your summer decorations too colorful, you can only use colored glasses as an eye catcher. But colored drinks such as a delicious rosé or exotic juice spritzers also offer the desired splash of color on your table.

But even with a bouquet of exotic flowers in a chic vase, you can never go wrong.

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Pampas grass decoration – the summer trend

The trend material pampas grass is also wonderful for “summer decoration crafts”. We present our 3 favorite decoration ideas that you can imitate in no time.

Pampas grass in a large floor vase is particularly good in the entrance area or in the hallway. This takes up little space and still looks summery fresh. Just make sure that the pampas grass is high enough and does not sink in the large vase. You are also welcome to combine different types here. The changing colors and structures work particularly well.

If you would like something a little more exotic, you can also combine your pampas grass with palm leaves. Tropical vibes perfect for summer!

The small pampas grass is more suitable for the dining or coffee table. This is not too high and can therefore be perfectly combined with fresh flowers. For a particularly harmonious look, you can match the colors of the grasses and flowers here with the decoration on the vase. And the third variant of our summer decoration with pampas grass is already finished.

You can find more exciting tips on the subject here:

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Summer decoration with sun glass

You can also make our last idea perfectly at home as a summer decoration or give it to your friends as a small present. Mason jars with solar cells can be wonderfully filled individually and used perfectly as an accessory in the home. You don’t need much for that either. Even a sun glass and some decoration are sufficient here.

When filling, only pay attention to an optical contrast between the content and the glass. Otherwise, it is entirely up to you which material you use for the interior.

Dried flowers and small holiday souvenirs as well as Polaroid photos are particularly good here.

Click on our video for more information about the sun glass:

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We hope you enjoyed our ideas on “making summer decorations”. We hope you enjoy copying! Feel free to discover our other ideas for your summer decoration – your Westwing team!

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