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Metal ring decoration: ideas & DIYs


Attention handicraft fans! There is a new trend that we are currently seeing everywhere: Metal ring decoration! Whether as a classic door wreath, as a romantic flower wreath or as a Christmas advent wreath, the clean wire ring is experiencing a real one Social media hype. Puristically beautiful and wonderfully timeless ─ the decorative metal rings for handicrafts can be beautifully staged according to your mood and depending on the season. And the decorative objects are particularly popular because you can decorate them again and again. Our interior experts will tell you how to make an Instagram-compatible metal ring decoration with flowers, candles or eucalyptus branches. Let yourself be inspired!

Creative ideas for metal ring decoration

Unfortunately, decorative wreaths are not always cheap to buy. With our metal ring decoration instructions you can now get creative! So you kill two birds with one stone. The DIY projects are fun and also save money.

Metal rings offer so many ways to let off steam. Be it for the annual Christmas decoration or as a simple wall decoration. How about a dream catcher right over the bed that catches the bad dreams? Or a colorful mobile? Decorative metal rings can even be used wonderfully as a lampshade. You can bring a fresh touch to your four walls by decorating the metal ring with green leaves and branches. We present four more popular ones Decoration ideas from Pinterest in front:

Metal ring decoration for Christmas

A metal ring decoration in gold with green leaves stands on a chest of drawers in the living room.

A simple decorative metal ring becomes one with lots of green and winter berries Interior it piece! If you would like to have something of your creation for a particularly long time, you can also choose artificial branches as decoration. The best way to enhance the festive flair is to use a gold metal ring. In combination with fir green and white candles, this decoration looks elegant and contemplative.

Metal ring decoration with eucalyptus

Two gold metal rings with eucalyptus hang on the wall in the dining room.

For several seasons, eucalyptus has been the ultimate in evergreen branches. No matter if in summer or in winter ─ with eucalyptus you do nothing wrong. On the plain wall or as a door wreath, a large metal ring decoration with 30 or 40 cm can always be used as a timeless eye-catcher. With a string of lights that you wrap around the wreath, you breathe warmth and cosiness into the decoration.

Metal ring decoration in gold

Metal ring decoration in gold on the wall above a chest of drawers.

With branches, flowers or candles, metal rings are a must-have for the Nordic style of living. Design your golden metal ring with leather straps or other cords, even old fabric remnants are ideal for this DIY. Makes itself perfect over the sideboard in the living room or as a highlight over the bed in the bedroom.

DIY Instagram trend: eucalyptus door wreath with metal ring

Simple, stylish and very easy to design: The DIY eucalyptus wreath with a decorative metal ring provides a modern touch in your four walls! Our living experts will show you how you can easily make the piece of jewelry yourself!

Metal ring decoration hangs on the front door.

What you need:

  • Evergreen branches (eucalyptus and ilex)
  • Metal ring
  • green plant wire
  • Parcel cord
  • scissors

Here’s how it works:

  1. step

    Attach the first eucalyptus branch to the metal ring with the wire.
    Tip: Cut the wire into smaller pieces beforehand.

  2. step

    Cut off any excess wire.

  3. step

    Continue with the other eucalyptus branches as well.

  4. step

    Then add the ilex and secure it with wire.

  5. step

    Cut two pieces of package cord and tie them to the metal ring. Hang up and you’re done!

Metal ring decorative objects & accessories

If you want to take up the metal ring decoration in other places in your home, you can use candle holders, wall hooks or tea light holders.

By picking up the look in the respective room, you ensure a harmonious overall picture. Of course, every decorative object stands on its own, but together the accessories form a beautiful unit that immediately makes the interior heart beat faster. Especially in the cool and dark season, candle holders with a metal ring decor conjure up atmospheric light.

Metal ring decorative object with a candle stands on the coffee table.

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Do you love classy and clean? Then a self-made metal ring decoration is just the right home accessory for your four walls. With suitable elements, you can further enhance the geometric look at home and pick it up in the form of candle holders or wall hooks.

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