Decorative Accessories

Naturally beautiful: basket decoration


Clear thing – a basket a bouquet of seaweed is the ultimate It-Piece, to the no is over more to come. A decorative basket saves us from all the domestic Chaos and brings order and structure in our everyday life. The huge selection makes it: This home accessory is the Interior-technically-on-Trend! Who wants to tidy living, not stowed away his belongings from now on, just in any storage box. Also let the idyllic order of helpers to convince! Whether it is colorful, plain, patterned, oval, to get round, or square – a basket that’s not so bad.

So you style basket decoration

A decorative basket for all occasions! The braided Material from seaweed, makes for the ultimate Safari Feeling in your own four walls. The pretty basket decoration is not only beautiful, but also has a practical Use. Whether as a storage for all sorts of odds and ends, as a modern Planter for your plants or as a place for your own personal, colorful smorgasbord. Be made of the decorative baskets in an African style, mainly made from natural materials such as sweet grass, palm, Sisal or raffia. Our Interior experts will give you styling tips and tell, which place is particularly ideal for your decorative basket

So, you can integrate basket decor in different rooms

Basket decoration is not the same basket decoration! In the various rooms of the home accessories come in a stylish manner. The classic: A basket for convenient storage of toys and other small stuff lying around constantly in the nursery. Also in the bathroom a decorative basket offers a great way to house towels for the guests stylish. In the kitchen unpleasant returnable bottles can be, however, in the braided object to collect. With a plant loaded into the basket, decorating your living room or bedroom a fresh liveliness.

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